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Youtube Channel

How to Start Youtube Channel & Earn Money with Shortcut Tricks! MisterSingh1000

This is the world everybody is doing something amazing for their life, even we can talk about famous and popularity on social media and in a public area, or we want to be a millionaire, billionaire in whole over the world. Many of the ideas come to our mind that we can do this, we can do that? But we can’t do anything. This is the fact but what is the best thing which is free and how can we be popular and earn money on the internet without any investment.

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Well there are so many Website articles and bloggers are there if we create the account on some social media apps and website, then we can be popular on social media and on the internet also and we can earn $100-$1000 in a month, but what is the best way to be popular in whole over the world with our creativity and talent or what can we do something amazing for ourselves or public without any investment.

Youtube Channel

Most important in Our life?

The two things are major one is famous and popularity or respect and the well known and second one is money, Both of the things we can get only from YouTube Without any investment.

How Youtube make the Payment?�

Well you know can you listen from your friends that Youtubers earn money from their videos, Yes you are listening right that YouTubers are earning money from their videos you can also make money from your YouTube videos. there is a one simple fact If you have 1000 views on your Youtube Channel then you can earn $1 per day or month or in a day, it depends on your video Audience, watch time or ads, or if there are are two or more ads will be displayed on your YouTube videos then you can earn $2- $3 per day or month per 1000 views.

if you will have 1000,5000,10000,1million or 1 billion views on your channel, How much money will you Earn, Calculate now, YOUTUBE MONEY CALCULATOR,

My Journey on YouTube

Well you can check live on my Youtube Channel how much I am earning on the YouTube my name is Manpreet Singh and my Youtube Channel is Mister Singh 1000 Tech Tips,� below is a screenshot you can check out my rank, views, subscribers my earning. it is just the demo but believe me, there are some YouTubers who are earning 1 lakh 2 lakh 5 lakh 10 lakh per month by uploading their videos on YouTube.

Check Any Youtuber Earnings Income:

The Website name is Social Blade, Where you can check any YouTubers earnings, views, subscribers, watch time or any other information everything will be provided on this website without any login, signup or create an account for getting any information

First Step:

Can I make a Youtube Channel

Yes of course why not you can, just upload a video on YouTube.�

Show your talent, Show your creativity, everything you have, please don’t scared, do not need to worry, it is free platform leave the social media apps Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tik Tok, these Apps are Time wasting I know you do more efforts on your videos to be famous on these platforms but I recommend you just put the video on the YouTube because it is one and only platform where you can earn money by uploading videos and you can earn more and more money from $100 to $100,000,000,000.

You can create your channel by following below video steps

Second Step :

Before uploading the video you just check the policies and rules Community guidelines or YouTube copyright. you can show your talent or if you are going to deliver any valuable content to the audience then it would be good for you.�

there are so many categories are available for example cook Tech, gym fitness, clothing, Vlog,� Rider, education, comedy, entertainment, politics, news and other you can choose any one topic and create the video and put the right content in your video and show how your content is unique by others one.�

Youtube Awards & Prizes Level

What are the prizes and awards if you cross subscribers

  1. If you cross 100 subscribers on your channel your level will be graphite, That means Now you can able to create the custom URL of your channel, for example, This is my channel URL� (
  2. If you grow 1000 subscribers and you have 4000 hours watch times and in the past 12 months Then your channel will become in opal level, that means now you are able to get money from your youtube videos but you have to apply for the monetisation of your channel, once it approved then you can get money by upload videos on youtube
  3. your channel will become on the bronze level if you complete 10000 subscribers on your channel, Now you are eligible to create� Teespring store on your channel where you can create or design shirts T-shirts, cups, mugs, others product you can Check out Teespring Store
  4. �if you cross 1,00,000� subscribers on your channel then you will be able to get the silver creator award. 5.� if you cross one million subscribers on your channel then you get the gold play button 6.If you got ten million subscribers and you get diamond creator award 7. The last one is custom creator award if you cross 50 million subscribers, There are� Youtube Channels including by Pew die pie, T-Series, Nastya And others Youtube Channel �

You can check benefits By getting subscribers on your Youtube Channel

Top 5 Most Important things to upload a video on Youtube?

These are the most important steps or fields you have to fill completely, VIDIQ will help you to feed these field, well there are some shortcut tips also explained.�

First, you Just Review these Points.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Tags
  4. Thumbnail
  5. End screen, Cards, Subtitles
  6. Monetization – How YouTuber Earn Money?


The most important things which should exist in your video, you can write the title, for example, if I am going to create a video for my Youtube Channel I want to show it on the YouTube and Show in the public and I want to earn money from this video then why people or public should have to watch your video?

we have to mention in our title The Title could be a clickbait if you want more views on your YouTube videos for Example if I created a video on How to earn money from Youtube?

Then I can mention in my title that How Can we earn $500 In a day on Youtube?

it is called clickbait. it is not allowed on YouTube but if you want more views then it is the shortcut trick, but I don’t recommend you.�

Your title should include:

  1. what is your video about?
  2. what you are showing in your video?
  3. what is the content of your video?
  4. What you are going to provide to the public?
  5. which type of audience you are going to Target?

You can write your title keyword and search on YouTube and Google and after that� you c and copy and paste the recommended title in your YouTube videos

Shortcut Trick to Find Title

The best where to find a title of your video, just search on your search bar, as I search for example if I’m going to create a video on �how to make a chocolate cake

then you can see there are many youtube titles and videos are available:

On the topic of how to make chocolate cake?�

you can choose any topic of related keywords, and put the same title in your video.

�Same you can search your youtube video title in the youtube search bar and Copy and paste for youtube videos title.


Your description should include what you are video about? what you are going to tell?�

Full Matter can be written in the description box, which is almost 5000 words. You can put the affiliate link, your social media accounts links, you can promote any pre-uploaded videos promote any products link, Past the link of your website if you have.

you have to to provide the full information in the description box why you are creating the video and but you are showing in your video?�

you can add the right keyword also in your description box.

more keywords will be provided to you for your

Also, Copy and paste the title and tags in your description box so that your video can we optimise the YouTube search engine and if anyone search on youtube and if you have already written the keywords of your videos & It matches the exact keyword, what the user wants to search for then your video will be getting more views

Add below things in your Video Description

  • Write minimum 1000 to 2000 word
  • Describes your video content
  • Add social media accounts links
  • Find and write keywords� use website
  • Affiliate link
  • Time slot mentions
  • Mention credit of copyrighted music videos image


The best way to score SEO & how to get more views enjoy YouTube video then tags are most helpful to viral your video, this tag defines what your video about and if anyone searches the same tag on YouTube Search bar and you have mentioned the same tag then your video will become in the first number on the YouTube page.

For example, you can check this video that here it is showing it is the number one ranking on YouTube page and if anyone searches the same tag name that means if My video will be rank on the YouTube first page.

Shortcut Trick to Find Tags for free

You can write your tags yourself but I am going to suggest the use of VIDIQ Google Chrome extension.

which can help you to find the tags for your YouTube videos and it shows the ranking of every YouTube video tags

you can check out this link for how to use of VIDIQ Google Chrome extension well,l it is a paid and it charges 3000 rupees per month but you can get it for free just click here�..

You can also find the tags from Keyword website

Google Keyword planner will also help you to find the tags for your youtube video. But Vidiq is an awesome one. Try this, as I am trying.

Low YouTube Video Views? Grow with Superb Tricks! FREE VIDIQ Magical Trick 2020


(Eye-catching High-Resolution thumbnails)

Your thumbnail� that means your video’s picture should be clear to identify and to read that what is your video about you want to show in your video should be clear in your you do video

we can call it as a youtube picture of our video.

Custom Thumbnails option only be provided to YouTuber when any Youtuber cross 100 subscribers on your videos.

You can check out this channel’s video thumbnails.

Derral Eves, Technical Guruji, Technical Sagar,�

Shortcut Trick to Create Thumbnail fast

Visme Thumbnail maker

Thumbnail maker app for mobile

End Screen�

There are multiple options to promote your pre-uploaded videos or get traffic on your website if you want to get more subscribers on your channel then you can also insert your Youtube Channel subscribe button at the end of your video, Add external channel, add your website, Insert your YouTube videos, or even you can promote your playlist also in End Screen.

Tube buddy� and VIDIQ will help you to add the end screen on your YouTube videos

Use vidiq google chrome extension to create fast end screen


Another one option is a card, the card is an element which helps you to promote your YouTube videos, ask a question from your subscribers, creates polls, quiz, any playlist, it is also called I button. you can insert 5 cards which includes video, playlist, Poll, quiz etc.

If you want to add the predefined cards from your previous video then you can install the Tube buddy and VIDIQ Google Chrome extension in your PC and laptop, but first, you have to apply for cards on at least one video,

Use vidiq google chrome extension to create cards fast.


Upload YouTube video in your desired language is good, but be remember if you want to get more views on your YouTube videos and you have to mention the subtitles in English Subtitle, i know its hard, but English is a universal language and anyone can understand.�

it is not compulsory but I recommend to you after uploading your video in your desired language, you should have to write the subtitle below your video, for example, if you are uploading video in Hindi language but only Indians can understand but what about outside of India. Nobody can understand which type of content you are delivering?

if you are satisfied with your youtube views then you can publish it in Hindi language and you can leave the subtitle, but if you are not satisfied your YouTube views and you want to get more views on your Youtube Channel and you want to public on the universe level, then you have to create the subtitles as your video will be played on the YouTube the same language subtitle will be shown to the youtube video, but you have to convert Hindi subtitle into the English language.

Monetisation (How YouTuber earn money?)

Most of public think that if anyone uploads a video on YouTube then he/she is earning money from its video. it is not compulsory. It depends on the monetisation of channel

Both are different things, Video does not pay you for the video views, it pays you for the videos ads, that means how many types of ads, videos ads, skippable ads, bumper ads, pre-video,mid-roll, post videos, sponsored ads are running. It pays you only for the ads.

How does Youtuber pay to the YouTubers?

  1. Is Youtube pay per view?
  2. Is youtube pay for subscribers?
  3. Is youtube pay for ad view?
  4. How much I can make money on youtube?
  5. How can I check my estimated income on youtube?

How much YouTube pays per 1000 Views?

When any businessman comes on YouTube to promote their business application or website then they pay the amount to advertise their business to YouTube it could be from $100-$1000.�

For example, a businessman invest $100 to promote their application on YouTube

YouTube cut their commission of his money and pays 68% to the Google AdSense mean to YouTuber who is uploading videos on youtube.

Google AdSense distribute now $68 to the YouTubers.�

The total actual amount was $100

But YouTube paste to the YouTuber only 68%

The actual average cost per ad of 1000 views is $0.10- $0.30 but YouTube pays to the YouTuber only $0.18 per ad view

You can calculate the ads views and earnings on YouTube money calculator

You can check any time of any YouTuber income views earning Frank’s subscriber was time on your PC laptop and mobile just click on this link just put the YouTuber name and after that, it will provide you with all data of that YouTuber

You can also so check you’re earning on YouTube calculator try this link

For example, out of 1000 views,800 ads will run on my channel then you just calculate the income by multiply 800 ad views *� $0.18, the total amount is $144, if I convert into Indian rupees then the earning is 8640 rupees per month.�

If you have 80000 ads views per month

Then your earning will be $14400 if I convert into the Indian rupees then its amount is 8,64,000 rupees per month income.

There is no Shortcut trick to enable monetisation. Sorry, but if you apply above tricks, your channel will be eligible for monetization.if anyone provides or tells you to enable the monetisation then please do not use that, because youtube, nobody can approve the monetisation of your channel, if you use this any illegal way then after some time your channel will be demonetised automatically, be genuine and loyal with youtube always.

Hope this article will help you do understand what is most important on YouTube and if you are interested then please create the Youtube Channel now and try to upload your video and make the money and don’t forget to subscribe my channel on the YouTube MisterSingh1000 tech tips.�

for more article,, Subscribe on YouTube MisterSingh1000 tech tips.�

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