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Tech Tips Tricks related to mobile,computer, website, SEO, online money making tips and tricks. Some cool secret apps, softwares, school of science and technology. Welcome to Tech World, Here You Can Get Unlimited Number of Tech Tips, Tricks, Secrets of Mobile, Computer, Website, SEO, Other Money Earning Tricks.


I belong to middle class family, my name is manpreet singh, living ludhina, punjab. I created this channel to learn more about mobile,computer and website and seo tricks to get viral our content on Youtube and google. If you follow these tips and tricks, am damn sure you will get thousands of followers on channel and website. You can also more money.

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My Tagline is BORN TO SHINE, (ham agar gareeb hai to marna bhi gareeb nahi. Be Rich, Just always say, BORN TO SHINE)

i am here to motivate you..

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I am Manpreet Singh, ON Youtube (Search) MISTERSINGH1000 Tech Tips
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