How To Charge Your Phone With Urine? Wait! What?

charge phone with urine

Charge Your Phone With Urine

In This Article Let’S Talk About The Top 10 Smartphone And Real Science Facts, Which Are Our Changing Our Lifestyle And Putting Bad Impact And Effect On Our Life. It Is Unbelievable But It Has Been Observed That Most Of The Smartphone Users Are Suffering From These Types Of Diseases Or Addictions. I Am Going To Tell You The All Bad Effects Because Of Our Smartphone. I Know You Don’T Know Anyone Of These Facts, let’s Talk about how you canCharge Your Phone With Urine

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1. Which One Is Important Water Or Smartphone?

If I Talk About The Brazil People, It Has Been Observed That 42.5% People Always Says That We Can Live Without Water! But We Cannot Live Without Our Smartphone !!!

Now You Can See That smartphone Is A Part Of Our Life, If We Talk About The Food, House And Cloth And After That Smartphone Is Taking A Place In Our Life Instead Of Water And Air.

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2. 150 Pictures Per Person

If I Talk About The Pictures That How Many Pictures Are Clicked By One Person In One Month Then The Answer Is 150 Pictures Per Month. It Includes A Selfie, Wide Angle, Portrait And Blur And Other Types Of Effects Also. Some People Click 150 Pictures In A Day But It Has Been Observed That 150 Pictures Is The Average Of People Click In One Month. Some Of Them Are Addicted Of Photography, They Click 10, 20, 30, 50, 150, 200-300, 500 Picture In A Day And After That Choosing The Best One Their Answer Is No.

No One Is Good For Me. I Was Trying To Click Picture in That Pose but Still That One Picture Is Not Coming Yet.

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3. Nasa Vs Smartphone

Do You Know That The Modern Smartphone Computing Power Is Equal To The Nasa? When The Nasa Was Going To Launch In The Space At 1969 The Whole Computing Power Was Used At That Time When It Landed To The Moon And Today We are Having The Same Computing Power In Our Smartphone And Today We Put That Type Of Computing Power In Our Pocket,

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It Is Unbelievable

4. 33% Phone Broken Or Stolen

Hey, Have You Ever Lost Your Phone Or Dropped Your Phone Incidentally Or Accidentally. Is there Your Phone Was Broken Or Stolen in your life span? Have You Ever Experienced It?

But It Has Been Observed That 33% Of Whole Over The World lost Their Phone or their Phone Was Stolen By Someone Or It Has Been Broken Incidentally Or Accidentally.

5. World First Smartphone

The First Smartphone Was Launched In 1997 By Ericsson Company The Model Is GS88. The First Smartphone Is This Mobile Phone You Can Check Out The Picture Below After That All Oppo, Vivo, Redmi, Xiaomi, Oneplus & iPhone were launched, But The First One Smartphone Was One And Only It Was Ericsson GS88.

6.Sleeping With Phone

Hey, If I Talk About At The Midnight When You Talk With Your Girlfriend or Your Boyfriend Then Did You Ever Sleep With Your Phone? No No, Not talking with your girlfriend just with your phone! 😁 Yes, Guys It Has Been Observed Also That 80% Of The Young Generation and their Age Bar Is 18 To 24 Years Old Boys And Girls Are Sleep With their Phone While They are Chatting with their boyfriend or girlfriend & Calling Or Messaging Too. Don’t miss above info, Charge Your Phone With Urine

Did You Ever Experience It?

I Sleep Daily With My Phone And I Found In The Morning That My Mobile Battery Was Empty It Is Dead.

7. Ringxiety

Seventh One Fact Is Ringxiety, That Mean Your Phone Is On The Table, on the Chair Or In The Room, Kitchen or anywhere in your home or other way, I Just want to That It Is Away From You, either You Are Driving or are you drive Your Motorbike Or Sometimes You are Walking On The Road And You Felt That Your Phone Is Vibrated Or It Is Ringed But When We Check our phone Then we notice that Nothing Happens We Didn’T Receive Any Call. We Didn’t Receive Any Message or call. But It Is A Type Of Disease Or Addiction Of A Smartphone That Called Is Ringxiety.

8 Phone Charge With Urine

Now It Is The Topic Of That How Can You Charge Your Phone With Urine?

Now, Just Keep Patience I Am Going To Tell You That this experiment Has done In Bristol Robotics Laboratory when Have Tested That Anyone Phone Can Charge With Human Urine. that means now you can Charge Your Phone With Urine.

Do You Want To Know That?

Bristol Robotics Laboratory Has Tested When They Pass The Human Urine Into Micro Fuel Cells And After That, he felt that Now We Can Charge Your Phone With Urine, he and his Team Have Charged A Samsung Phone With USB Cable Then Turn On The Phone Of Samsung Company They sent Messages To Someone And Also browsing The Internet Also. In Future Technology, I Think It Should Be Launched Very Soon And You Don’T Have Any Need To Pay The Electricity Bill. You Just Have The Water Have The Water Have The Water And Throw The Water And Then it’s magic its magic & Your Phone will be charged.

9. Phone In Toilet

Are You Also Using The Phone In Your Toilet Or You Don’T Have Any Time To Use Your Phone That’s Why you Use your Phone in the Toilet? We Also do that but sometimes our Phone fell In The Toilet And While We Are Chatting Or Calling. Sometimes Our Phone Is Fell Down In The Toilet. I Think It Didn’T Happen With You But In Britain Has Found That 1 Lakh Smartphone Mobiles Were Fell Down In The Toilet While They were using In The Toilet. Check out also that Charge Your Phone With Urine.

Check It Out Below Picture

10 iPhone 9:41 A.M.

Do You Know The Fact Of iPhone Timing?

Why All The The iPhones timings are Showing The Time Of 9:41 A.M. Well I Want To Tell You That When Steve Jobs Was Launched His First iPhone. Then, The Timing Was 9:41 A.M. And After That All, The Iphones Were Launched At The Same Timing And If Any Type Of Promotions Or Advertisement They Want To Show On The Internet Or Tv Also, Then All Mobile Timings Was Same to 9:41 A.M. It Is A Strategy Or It Is iPhone facts You Should Know This Answer of the  Question. It Is Also Asked In The Interview If You Are Giving The Interview In Any Type Of IT Industry. Then You Should Know…

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