Earn money from VPS Hosting !! Buy VPS SERVER at Rs.285/-


If you are looking a VPS Server, I think I should recommand to you hosting VPS hosting but if you just host your website with your hosting on hostinger but weight let me stop you here what do you think about if you host your website and also earn income with your hosting too, Let us understand the difference between shared and VPS hosting and also money from VPS hosting?

What is VPS Server?

VPS server of the full form is virtual private server this is a server which is issued by the server owner to the customer. It is not the full server, some space is allocated to the customer to run their websites ,services and application on VPS a server, so, let’s understand with an example. For example the dedicated server cost is $1,000 for 1000GB, but if you want to get only 10 GB on your server, because you want to host your website on server not on shared hosting. so you can get 10gb by only $10 for VPS hosting. you can check out more vps plans below

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting?

Shared hosting means they are sharing a server, the resource, with storage limit, bandwidth and a lot of the Other hosting features these features are shared between 100 to 1000 people this comes under shared hosting. For example, 100 websites are instantly open by the visitors so other website can be Down, but in a VPS server you will be allocated VPS hosting server, where you will have your own server. your own resources, your own bandwidth and storage limit, which you can only be use by you, not for others. so, website can never be down if you are hosting anything on your VPS server


Are you interested to buy a hosting VPS server? so I think you can get the minimum 1GB and 20GB SSD disk space and 1TB bandwidth with full dedicated IP and full root access into your VPS plan. First plan the plan cost will be 285 rupees per month I think so this is a very lowest price but if you are going to check out it can be charge the price for example one month 639 and if you are getting for 4 years then the price will be 285 rupees per month, which plan you want to buy?

Click on below and you will be redirected to the hostinger website where you can easily buy your VPS hosting,


After check out the VPS hosting for or wherever you want to buy the VPS hosting you can buy. but after that you will have to install the C panel and whm on your website if you are ready to earn money from VPS. let me talk about the cpanel, in C panel this is a panel where you can manage your website for example your file manager, domain and subdomain, addon domain, softaculous, wordpress, MySQL database and other things included into your Cpanel where you can manage your website and you can develop your website but if I talk about the whm, you can earn money from your VPS server.

Earn money from your VPS


Yes understand, if you buy the cpanel official licence or if you buy our shared hosting licence which is 600 to 1000 rupees per month, but the official license price can be high. you can check out here……. in WHM, you can create a c Panel for your client whenever they buy your hosting on your website, for this you have to build a reseller hosting website if you want to know check out here………….


WHMCS mean web host manager complete solution where you can check out your customers hosting plans, their due date, which plans they are getting standard, normal OR Pro or other plan and which cost they are paying so all of these things can be manage into whmcs, even if you want to suspend, activate, reactivate of any account then you can easily do it it with the whmcs.

Earn 50000 per Month

In whmcs you can also check the revenue, how much you are getting per client per 30 or 100 clients and how much have you earned for one day, for one month and for one year too. You can also compare the revenue too, so all of these things can be managed in whmcs, you can easily redirect to whm from your whmcs. For this you have to configure your server, If one client buy the hosting for 1000 for one year then for example you will have 50 Clients, where they bough 1000 rupees per year plan. Calculate 50*1000 = 50000/- per month.


i Think now you can easily understand that how VPS hosting server is working? you just have to buy the VPS server just install the cpanel whm and whmcs if you are required, then you just have to build your website and also interconnect all of these links and softwares than anyone can buy hosting from your website the C panel will be also created automatically by your whm you have to configure setting and into your whmcs you can check the plan which they are getting and how much they paid, Just have to create the packages on your website like shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting or VPS or other dedicated server hosting. Start Earning Now

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