Best Cheapest Website Hosting Buy Now Starts Rs.41/- #MisterSingh1000

Best Cheapest Website Hosting

ProHosty offers you to create their own site at Rs. 41/- Prohosty works on the fastest and secure server. ProHosty is providing the cheapest and fastest hosting with free SSL service to secure your website.

Best Cheapest Website Hosting iNDIA #mISTERsiNGH1000
Best Cheapest Website Hosting iNDIA #mISTERsiNGH1000

Is pro hosty better than godaddy?

Many people have a question that where do we have to buy a domain and hosting to create a website? In India, you will find many websites related to Best Cheapest Website Hosting. You can buy domains and hosting from these websites such as Hostinger, Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap.

Most cheaply website hosting sites

Buying domains and hosting from such a website is a very silly thing. On Above, you get to buy the most expensive hosting and domain. Today in this article, we will know how we can get Hosting by spending only ₹ 50?

Hosting Starts Rs.41/-

You can also buy hosting for 1 month at just Rs 41/-. Want to buy both of these, Hosting, Domain? For Domain Only, you will have to spend up to ₹ 1000 when if I talk about GOdaddy domain. Here you will get domain and hosting for 1 year, that is for only 1000 rupees. There is a trick to buying it that you will have to try two promo codes which I will tell you in this article. These promo codes helps to buying your domain and hosting at low price hosting.

Best Cheapest Website Hosting iNDIA #mISTERsiNGH1000
Best Cheapest Website Hosting iNDIA #mISTERsiNGH1000

Buy Web Hosting at Rs.50/-

Low Price Hosting in India

If you go to the Prohosty website and you want to buy Domian, then you get a domain of 900 rupees on Godaddy. Such a prohosty website you get an expensive domain. No Benefit to buy domain from prohosty that is worth ₹ 936. You get so much heavy discount on hosting from here. Pro Hosty website is the Best Cheapest Website Hosting that is only for hosting not for domains.

How to get Cheap Hosting

Hosting on Prohosty website starts from ₹ 41/-, you can buy hosting for 1 month and also for 1 year. You can see its price here. Here I bought both Hosting and Domain. If you want to buy, then you have to pay ₹ 936, but if you do not want to buy, then you can also buy from Go Daddy.

Buy .xyz domain at Rs.150/-

You can buy .xyz for Rs 150. This website is very good for buying Hosting. If we compare it with Godaddy, then hosting on Godaddy is available for ₹ 200 per month. The same hosting is available on Prohosty website for ₹ 40 but for this you have to use a promocode.

Buy Hosting at 15% discount

If the cost of your Hosting becomes ₹ 1000, then you have to use promo code to get 15% discount “VALENTINE15”. Using this, your HOSTING will cost ₹ 850. You want to spend only for hosting for 1 month and get 50% Discount, then for this you have to use a code called TV50. Using this you will get hosting at 50 percent less rate. The original price of hosting Rs.82/- per month, but you can get Rs.41/- per month.

Buy Hosting at 50% discount

Quickly see the screenshots below. I have purchased the hosting for 1 month, which was costing ₹ 82, but as soon as I used the TV50 code, I am getting the same hosting for ₹ 41.Get hosting for 1 year, then we get multiplied for 12 months, it may be worht Rs.360 or ₹ 400 for 1 year.

Best Cheapest Website Hosting iNDIA #mISTERsiNGH1000
Best Cheapest Website Hosting iNDIA #mISTERsiNGH1000

Low Price Hosting on 50% Discount

You buy both domain and hosting, you will get this price for 1100-1200 rupees, in which you get to run hosting and domain for 1 year. I have told so many things you can get with hosting.

Features of Web hosting

Web hosting Plan Rs.50 / – per month

  1. Auto backup
  2. SSL Certificate is free
  3. Website Free Builder Tool
  4. 10GB Disk Space
  5. 5 Subdomain
  6. 6 Email
  7. 5TB Bandwidth
  8. 6 Mysql DB
  9. cPanel + Softaculous (WordPress

WordPress Optimize Rs.76 / – per month

  1. Best ever wordpress optimize cpanel server.
  2. Auto backup
  3. SSL Certificate is Free
  4. Free Website Builder Tool
  5. 5GB Disk Space
  6. 5 Subdomain
  7. Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  8. 5TB Bandwidth
  9. 6 Mysql DB
  10. WordPress (Cpanel + Softaculous)

Unlimited Web Hosting Rs.120 / – month

  1. Best ever cloud-managed VPS use without tension.
  2. Auto backup
  3. SSL Certificate is free
  4. Free Site Builder Tool
  5. Free Unlimited Disk Space
  6. Create Unlimited subdomain
  7. Free Unlimited Email
  8. Free Unlimited bandwidth
  9. Unlimited Mysql DB
  10. cPanel + Softaculous (WordPress)
Website kaise banaye
Website kaise banaye

Cheapest website hosting services

Prohosty has received the Best WordPress Website Hosting Award in 2021, You can get an idea of ​​how good this website will be. There are some features that maybe nobody knows but I consider it my responsibility to tell you

  • Pro hosty gurantee
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • Fastest SSD Servers
  • ProHosty Cloud Technology

Best Website Plan 720 / – per year

  1. SSD Servers
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Malware Scan & Removal
  4. Free Website Backups
  5. Cloudflare CDN
  6. Jet Backup Built-in Page Caching
  7. Free website migration
  8. Instant Chat Response
  9. Support in English, Hindi

Hope you like this article, if you have purchased domain and hosting and you want to create a website, then you can create your entire website by clicking on this link.

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