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Create Google Form Registration Online for Free?

Google Form Registration

Friends, you probably know about the Google Form Registration, what is the Google form after all, how it is used and somewhere you must have seen the Google form, if you have not seen it, then there is no problem inside this video, friends Google will talk about the form.

  1. What is Google Form?
  2. How is it made?
  3. Can we create any form online
  4. Create any Registration form, online form, feedback form for free
  5. Top 10 Tricks and steps to generate Form online

I will tell you in this video by doing one step.

google form registration

Steps to Google Form Registration

What is Google Form Registration, who uses it?

Google forms are used by big companies to fill their customer reviews and their service reviews and feedback forms, and like this form, up event registration, complaint form, customer review and your giveaway Go to the offer and then any kind of admission form, Google Form Registration, can be used to create any form of any kind anywhere.

The biggest advantage of this is that our customer can then collect the information of the visitors and from this we can guess what is the interest of our customer within which we can make our service even better.

Google form tutorial

How to create Google Form Registration?

How to create google form for registration,

Let’s know how we can create Google Forms for free, how to register free for Google Form Registration

  • To create a Google Form, first open the Google Form and then click on the online survey four on Google.
  • There are two options for this, one is a template and the other is a blank form. You can use any pre-defined template in the template.
  • In this, we can edit any survey in it, then you can create any Google form.

How to use Google Form Registration?

Click to create it and write the title like for for example, I want to gift a mic right now and create a Google form for it, in which someone registers and gives his information so that I can give my giveaway to him for free. The gift can reach her. For this, if I want his data, then I will create his Google form according to his recording. If you want this free gift for a free caller mic then you will get the link below. Register soon and give your information and join us.

Top 10 Features of Google Form Registration

You can add any kind of link in its description, whether it is your website, your email, your YouTube channel, your Twitter Facebook Instagram, or any kind of account, you can add a link within the description of your Google form, so that if someone contacts you Will have to click on that link and it will reach you directly, this is its biggest benefit and I liked it the best.

  • We get many option features and tools to create this form, we can write any question in it.
  • Like what is your name
  • In this, you will get the option to ask multiple choice questions.
  • You can also upload a file from anyone
  • Can also get someone’s feedback form filled
  • Can get opinions from people about your service
  • You can also take a link to his Gmail Facebook WhatsApp Instagram YouTube or any website
  • If you want more information about someone, then you will also get an option inside this Google form.
  • In this, you will also get the option of short question and answer.

Let me tell you one by one about the features and tools of Google Form Registration, what is in the eyes and how can we use it. To know more, you can see our video calling above, in it we have explained everything to you in a good way, and if you like the video, then please like the video, support YouTube channel and many more on our website Such articles continue to be found.

Google Form Registration Features

  • Short answer
  • Paragraph long answer
  • Multiple Choice Question Answer
  • Check box,
  • drop down
  • File upload
  • Linear scale
  • Multiple Choice Grid
  • Checkbox grid
  • Date
  • Time

Let us all know one by one about what it means and where we can use it,

Short answer

The first feature of Google Form Registration isShort answer. Short Answer means that we have to ask someone’s name, someone’s mobile number, someone’s date of birth, someone’s city state, their father’s name, mother’s name or their grandparents’ name, or any small question. Whose answer is also short, as if its answer ends in 5-10 letters, we say that we are short answer

For this you can ask questions like below :Google Form Registration

  • What is your name
  • what is the name of your father
  • Where do you live
  • What is the name of your city
  • what is your place of birth
  • What date were you born

Paragraph long question answer

In the paragraph long question answer, you can take any information about someone, like we can ask someone a question to tell us about yourself, then the person in front of you will tell everything about himself, what his name was. Where he lived now, where he is, where he will go, what he will do, what he eats, what he drinks and everything.

So we keep this type of question in the category of long question answer, by which a person can write any kind of information about himself. You can get any information of any person with the help of create Google Form Registration.

Multiple Choice Question Answer

In such a question, we can give an option or choice to someone, like if we ask someone a question, then we will also give his answer along with it, so what will happen if he selects an answer from that answer? And he has to accept the answer selected by him.

Like I ask a question,Google Form Registration

Do you like ice cream

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe


A check book means that if we ask someone a question and give his answer along with it, then the person in front can choose to choose two or four of the given option from the given option. is,

What ice cream do you like

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Butterscotch
  • Magnum
  • Black currant
  • Milk icecream
  • Tutti frutti

In such a question, the person filling the form can also select more than one option which will be his best and favorite ice cream, he can also select two or three or four things.Google Form Registration


What is meant by drop box, in drop down we can ask any one question in which you can put a lot of options in answer to this question. Like if we have to ask someone what ice cream you like, chocolate vanilla butter scotch black current or something. So in response to our question, we will enter the names of three-four ice cream and the person filling the form will be able to select only one ice cream.

File upload

The feature of file upload is given in Google form, such as if a person has any problem or problem of any kind, or you want to upload some kind of photo video or document, or you want to get proof of it, So you can use file upload in Google Form Registration field.

Advanced feature within file upload

  • You can select the size of any file
  • How many files do you want to put in google form
  • What type of file upload form can a person fill out such as photo video or document

Linear scale

The linear scale means that if we want to fill a rating or feedback form of some kind with someone, we will divide our service or answer to our question from one to a few parts like I have created a feedback form and In that feedback form, I have sought a review from the customer for our service that you can give us a number from one to 10 points for our service and 10 points will be the best for us and one point is the best for our service. Will remain

So the person filling the form will see what he feels is right inside this phone, what is not right, if he wants to do good rating or bad rating then it depends on him, the linear scale of any kind of rating Can be used to create a form. Google Form Registration

Checkbox Grid / Multiple Choice Grid

The advantage of both these features is that if you have two or 4 or 10 topics and you want to take different ratings like I have a YouTube channel and I upload different types of videos on my YouTube channel I do such as computers, laptops, mobiles, websites, how to earn money online, and if I want to get advice from my customer or my lover about what kind of videos I should focus on I can use the checkbox grid and the multiple choice grid to fill that feedback form.

Whatever your question will be, you keep it in the left hand side and you can use the rating from 1 to 5 numbers inside the right hand side column.

  • Like how many ratings do you want for youtube
  • How many ratings do you want for website
  • How much rating do you want to earn on this topic?
  • I made a video about making computer tricks, how much rating do you want to give about it?
  • How would you rate me for going to mobile video short tricks?

So in this way, I can take a review about myself by keeping four-five topics in the left hand side and rating in the right hand side and I can also apply on my own by checking that review. Will know what I am missing and how I should focus more, Google Form Registration

Date / time

Date and time are both similar features like if you want the date of the person in front of your Google form, then you can add the date there so that if someone wants to select a date, then by clicking there, somehow Can select and set the date of such as on which date he is filling the form or what is his date of birth or any other date of any kind.Google Form Registration

In this way, we talk about time, if he wants to select his time, then we have to give him an option in which we will add the feature of time inside our Google form so if you have any way about the form filling If you want information about the time, what time, what time, what happened, then for that you will have to give the feature of time there so that someone can select that time and tell you about yourself.

So friends, I have already told you everything about Google Form Registration, if you want more information, then you can ask me by clicking on the contact us on my website, you can also ask on my email id and my You can also message my WhatsApp number and friends, if you want to know more about Google Form, then I have made an advance trick for that within this video, you must go and see once. Google Form Registration

Friends, within this article, I have made this article so much for the computer, you can also create a Google form inside your phone, and any kind of any admission form, event registration form, giveaway form, any form anyhow Then, whether it is seen on Google or some kind of survey form, you can also make it sitting at your home for free, for this, you will not have to pay any money, friends, if you want such a lot of videos and articles

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