Add UPI Payment Gateway in eCommerce Website

Add UPI Payment Gateway in eCommerce Website

Add UPI Payment Gateway in eCommerce Website

If you are not having the E-commerce website or shopping website and you are unable to get payment from UPI ID, so after watching this video you will be able to get money from UPI id.

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For example, Google pay, Phone pay, PayTM, or any other UPI, it is just the normal set up you can do it,  Just check out our latest playlist how to make eCommerce website and wordpress website for free, link is in the description. Lets show you my website that is where you can get 1000 + premium wordpress themes, plugin, scripts, mobile source code, PHP source code at very cheapest price. Everything you are getting from envato, you can get it at 90% off on these files.

Add UPI Payment Gateway in eCommerce Website
Add UPI Payment Gateway in eCommerce Website

Steps to Enable UPI Payment Gateway on WordPress:



  • Go to general tab,  currency and select your country currency. I selected Indian rupees because i am from india and click save changes.
  • Just move to payment bar and make sure you have enable UPI QR Code, click manage options > go to merchant upi vpa ID to get money from your visitors.
  • Enter your upi ID detail for example you want to get money into your Paytm, Google pay just enter that application UPI ID here. 


How to Get our UPI ID?

  • For Paytm Users, Open Paytm application, in the left top corner, you can check out this UPA ID. your handle is equal to UPI ID. 
  • For Google Pay Users, Just go to Google Pay and when you click on profile icon, you can check out here google pay UPI id, 
  • For Phone Pay Users, How to to get phonepe upi ID, when you open this application you will see UPA ID on the dashboard.


  • Enable UPI Gateway on eCommerce
  • Suppose I entered my Paytm upi ID and let’s scan this code, now Paytm got an error, so I use Google pay ID here and when I scanning from my Google pay ID it is not possible because I am not able to pay myself UPI ID, so now let’s open phone pay and scan this Google pay code and let’s make the payment.


  • now my payment has been done and you can check it out my ICICI bank transaction the 5 rupees is debited and Axis Bank is credited by Rs. 5/- instantly no delay.

So, this is the benefit of QR code, visitor proceed to next step, then click on confirm and they can check the payment is accepted? but if you go to Orders and open this transaction status you just click on completed status as you receive this payment. After payment is successful and you can give your file into their email address into their mobile phone or WhatsApp, but if you want to enable option to download digital product/services after checkout automatically then check out our latest video, but make sure you have subscribe our YouTube channel.

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