Shaadi App Free Vs Paid? Check This Before Registration

matrimonial app reviews

Matrimonial App Review

Hey, guys let’s talk about the Shaadi App if you are searching or finding any matrimony site or you are looking a partner in whole over for the world or in your city in your state then there are so many matrimonial sites are available on the Google. Did you check any matrimonial site or app like Shaadi App 

Which one is the best matrimonial website or app?

where you can search your compatible partner by your city, your profession, your choice, community, and the best way is to find the perfect life partner you can search on matrimonial sites like,,, elite matrimony or Sangam website or app, Simple and the, so if there are so many websites are available then which one is the best application? i think Shaadi App is best matrimonial website, but what about jeevansathi app, this one is fantastic as well as Shaadi App 

Why People Install Shaadi App?

in this article, I just suggest only and the only website is because there are 5 million success love story and their plans are so cheap and best for you and provide the best match for you.
So if you are a boy and a girl and now you are at the age of Shaadi then you can find your life partner on aur Shaadi App.
Well people say that when there is no way to find any girl or boy then people install Shaadi App but it is not like that it doesn’t sound look nice because of most of the people install Shaadi App just because of they want to find so many perfect matches because they don’t want to depend only on one single girl.
Their choices and demands and preferences are different rather than his or her partner.
for example, if you are a boy and your parents are looking for a life partner for you then if they found a girl to marry with their son still don’t know the nature of the girl, they don’t know the preferences of the girl and her choices and demands, etc. even parents are not aware of the differences of nature and choices and demand.

For more clarification check out the below video!

Real Story of Shaadi Customer!

Let’s discuss myself, Hi my name is Manpreet Singh and I am from Ludhiana I installed Shaadi just in January 2020 it doesn’t mean that my parents were unable to find the girl for me.
I have total of 4 girlfriends and in the past, I had 22-30 girlfriends.
There are a lot of the girls are there which I wanted to marry, but just because of their city, state and community and gottar. I was denied to marry with them. So, now I install Shaadi App and I am very excited to find my partner on the Shaadi App 

Let’s Explain What happened ahead?

Well now I daily check my Shaadi App to check the perfect match for my life and now I check the girl preference, her city, her state, and her income & community, etc.

When  I like anyone then I send interest to her and if she accepted then I get the WhatsApp contact & till today I talked up to 20 to 30 girls on the WhatsApp.
So I suggest you only if you are sending interest to anyone then if he or she accepted your interest you get his/her WhatsApp contact number otherwise please do not get the contact number if she rejected your proposal or if your proposal is still pending.

Benefits of Free Profile on Shaadi

Benefits of free profile!
Benefits of free sign up!

1. You can check the preferences of any boy and girl
2. You can send interest to his/her
3. You can check the online status
4. You can check the name, city, and state of boy and girl
5. You can see the picture of a girl & you can Request a Photo 

Disadvantages of free membership

1. You cannot send a message to his or her
2. You cannot get the WhatsApp contact
3. You cannot get the email address

Benefits of paid membership

1. You can create your selection criteria
2. You can get a multiple numbers of interest
3. You can get anyone’s WhatsApp contact number
4. You can get his or her email ID
5. You can see the online or offline status
6. You can check the preferences detail
7. You can get 50 to 300 contact numbers, Depend on your plan
8. You can request the photo

Disadvantages of paid membership

1. The low number of interest received
2.Low profiles of your caste
3. Take maximum time to get your interest accepted
4. People ignore your profile and your messages
5. Self profiles are very less

Beware of these Profiles

I just want to suggest you lot of profiles are available which are mostly created by the girls and where there is a mentioned that I am Tanya and I am from Bangalore and I have done my IELTS also and finding honest and lovely partner for myself who expense every penny on me .. if anyone interested me then please send interested to me and then we can talk further…
please do not send interest to this type of the profiles you just have the right to choose your exact life partner. you are not going to contract.

you just talk to her you just meet with her you just meet their relatives and their family also and after that just take the decision of your Shaadi.

Please Do Not Hurry Up!

Take the time to talk with her give the time to your relationship & understand each and everything.
Please always speak truth to him or her and be loyal always.

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In my opinion, I dislike this type of profile, I am disagree to send interest to this type of the profile, these are the fake they can flirt or cheat with you deserve better option rather than choosing this type of profile. F
At the end of this article, I experience now today it has been 1 month, I received only 4 interest and I sent multiple numbers of interest which are about 200- 500 but only 20-30 interest are accepted and most of the girls ready to go for foreign country they do not ready to compromise for anything. 

What’s Your Opinion?

I hope you would like my article. Please keep supporting my website I will always give my hundred percent to you.
I registered on Shaadi App, I experience everything on this app after that I am creating this article just only for you. please share this article with your friend your relatives and your family also if you are going to get the paid membership on Shaadi App, jeevansathi, Bharat matrimony and any type of matrimonial sites. At this end of this article, I just want to say that you just install Shaadi App and get lowest price pack of paid membership please call to the customer care before getting the paid membership or apply online because they can give you the complementary 10 or 20 WhatsApp number or give you 10-20 extra days also..

Thanks Manpreet Singh

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