Make QR Code Free Online ! Embed Secret Data In QR Code

Make QR Code

Make QR Code

As We Already Know That QR CODE Is Available On Every App either it could be on Paytm Google Pay Snapchat Bharat App or Bhim App. What’s Going On Guys? Most Of The Merchant Representative Visit To their Shops Offices To Create Their Business QR CODE. In this article we will learn how to Make QR Code Free Online and embed secret data behind QR CODE.

Well, It Is Free To Create, You Can Create From Anywhere From Any Mobile, Smartphone Or Computer

What Is QR CODE?

It Is A Machinable Scannable Image Which Covers With Black And Square Dots. In This Picture You Can Create A Link Or Text Or Any Type Of Phone Number Behind This Picture. You Can Create From Smartphone And Computer Also Most Of The Websites Are Available To Give You Free Qr Code, but QR CODE MONKEY Is best One Website

What Is The Full Form Of Qr Code

QR CODE stands for (Quick Response Code) Trademark Of Matrix Barcode It Was Firstly Designed In 1994 By The Automotive Industry In Japan

How To Create QR Code?

Qr Code Monkey?

The Website Of QR Code Monkey Which Is 100% Free And Genuine It Works On A Code Generator, For Example, There Are A Lot Of The Options Are Available That Is Url, Text, Email, Phone, Sms Vcard, Vcard, Location, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wi-Fi, Event, Bitcoin Etc.   

What You Have To Do On This Website
There Are Six Steps To Create QR Code.

1. Enter Content Link Url Email Text Number

The First One You Just Create Your Content, Code, Link Or Text Any Type Of Number If You Want To Display Your Phone Number Then You Can Do It…
What You Want To Hide or Show Any Type Of Information Behind This QR CODE You Just Have To Mention It Here in Enter Content Field, For Example, It Could Be Your Facebook Id, Any Link, Your Youtube Channel Url, Your Phone Number, Your Message Any Type Of The Social Media Account Url, It Could Also Be A Text Format. Make QR Code Free Online and embed any secret data.

2. Set Colors

Now You Set The Color Which Includes A Single Color, Gradient, And The Custom Color You Can Use More Than One Color To Generate Or Create Your Qr Code.

3. Add Logo Image

Now You Have To Add Your Logo, Image For Example If You Can See On The Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Google-Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Soundcloud App Store, Google Play Store, Gmail, Document, Phone Number, Wi-Fi, Bitcoin. There Are A Lot Of The Custom Logo Images Are Available Is Here Which Is Maximum Sizes 2 Mb.You Can Select Any One Logo From The QR Code Gallery Then You Can Select It Or You Can Upload It In Your Own. Make QR Code Free Online and add any logo image
For Uploading You Can Search On Google, For Example, You Can Search Google Pay Png Logo, After That We Can Download It And Save It On Your Computer And Upload It Here.

4. Custom Design

Now You Can Set Or Design Your QR Code, For Example, Blocks, Body, Shape, Eyeball, here You Can Create Multiple Secure Or Multiple Dots Or You Can Change Your QR Code By Selecting These Three Types Of Designs, That Are Secures, Round, Rectangular, Blocks, Dots, Etc are available to design your logo.  

5. Create QR Code

Now You Will See The Magic When You Click On Create Qr Code. You Can Choose The Quality Which Is The Low Or High Quality The Maximum QR Code Sizes up to 2Mb. Now Choose Download Your Png Image And Use It On Anywhere, Or Share It With Your Friends.  Make QR Code Free Online is one and only article will help you to create it today.

6. Print Qr Code

Now You Can Download It Save It Or Print QR Code, Shown To Your Customers If You Are Having A Shop Or Office If You Want To Share Any Type Of Confidential Information or Public Information. For Example, Your Number For Payments Receiving And Giving. If Anyone Scan This QR Code Then It Will Redirect To Your Website Link, Facebook Id, Youtube Link, or Able To Copy Your Mobile Number Or Any Type Of Information, So Now Using The QR Code Monkey Website You Can Create Any Type Of The Logo For Creating QR Code Easily. You Can Share It With Your Friends or Sending Your QR Code To Someone You Could Be More Popular On Social Media Accounts. 
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Advantages Of QR code

QR code is versatility you can use it for anything and everywhere it is for both for customers and business, For example. if you want to save your money and you are a businessman you can advertise your QR code and send your QR with everyone by using the link behind of QR code any customer scan this QR code and it will re director he/she will store the information for the future reference. Make QR Code Free Online is okay, but do you know? what are the advantages of QR Code.


A businessman should we Aware by the QR code if anyone scan this QR code for the misuse and the businessman will lose lost of the money and thousands of the dollars one businessman should have the product knowledge and he also should know that how to use and to whom share the QR code well it is a confidential information or it could be public information but if it is confidential then another one can take advantages of your privacy so beware the QR code is for public use do not use it for your personal use.   Thanks,.. Article Written by

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