How to Send 1 Million Bulk Whatsapp Messages from Cloud Whatsapp Web in 10 Minutes


Bulk Whatsapp Messages from Cloud Whatsapp Web in 10 Minutes

WhatsApp bulk message sender panel or Bulk Whatsapp Messages from Cloud Whatsapp Web or Cloud Bulk Whatsapp Message Sending Panel or cloud WhatsApp bulk message sender panel not software will help you to send thousands of messages on WhatsApp to unknown users without saving their number it is a bulk message sending panel will help you to scan your WhatsApp number and you can send 10,000 + WhatsApp messages in just 10 days and also you can send 150000 messages for monthly.

It is really very unbelievable, In cloud WhatsApp bulk message sender panel you will be given an ID and password to use this panel so hurry up if you are interested to buy this panel then contact me on my WhatsApp number + 91 7009732517 Whatsapp पर अपने Number से 1,50,000 Message कैसे भेजें — Cloud WhatsApp Service #MisterSingh1000 #bulkwhatsapp #cloudwhatsapp #cloudpanel #whatsapp

What is Cloud Whatsapp?

What is the meaning of cloud WhatsApp so you want to send bulk message for your customers and user so you need a software by scanning your number and you can send multiple number of messages to your customers and users but in software your number could be banned and one number can be scanned only but in the cloud WhatsApp it is the website based and you will be provided ID and password.

You can easily login by ID and password and some messages will be credited to your account you can use those messages to send messages to your customers here in this cloud WhatsApp panel you can scan five Whatsapp numbers simultaneously uses can also be done

How to Send Message from Cloud Whatsapp?

First of all, ID and password will be generated for your login and the credit will also be issued into your a the account and same you have purchased the plan the same quantity will be credited to your account to get the email id and password contact on my WhatsApp number =917009732517

After login the ID and password on cloud WhatsApp panel you just scan your WhatsApp number here you can add 4-5 WhatsApp number to send bulk WhatsApp messages this number can be used for sending messages to your users and customers buy one and one.

Now you have to be asked the details about campaign name your message to your link ok you want to attach some photos medius and other files then you can also attach the files

After attaching all of the files you just have to click on the submit button or send now button the messages will be delivered one by one within one shot and all messages will be delivered within a hour.

Send 1,00,000 Message from Whatsapp Cloud?

Take care of banning number by WhatsApp so here are some things which you should consider if you have only one WhatsApp number then you can send 50 message to unknown users in one shot and after that we have to wait for 1 to 2 hour for the more you can send after 1-2 hour messages to your users and customers again the quantity will be only 50 the part of the process you can do it again and again 420 e times in a day and you can easily send 5000 messages from your one WhatsApp number without getting banned by WhatsApp and the same for one year quantity you will be able to send 150000 messages for month

How much to pay for Cloud Whatsapp?

How much you have to pay the one question is a rising to your mind that is it very costly or is it verycheaper so first of all I want to tell you if you are an Indian then you can easily afford the pricing. The pricing will be 300 rupees for only 1000 messages if you are getting bulk messages in the pricing for message will be decreased you can check out all of the plans and pricing below

How to Buy Whatsapp Cloud Panel?

It is very simple to buy you can easily contact to my WhatsApp number + 91 7009732517 and after that you just have to drop a message related to the WhatsApp bulk message Marketing by cloud WhatsApp and you can also mention that you want to send message from your personal WhatsApp number and after that all of the plans can be considered which are below you just have to tell me the pricing of the plan which you want to buy I will generate ID and password for the same plan after getting the payment

Minimum Price to Buy Whatsapp Cloud Panel?

It is very cheapest price available to buy the cloud WhatsApp bulk message sending service the pricing will be only 300 rupees 300 rupees you can easily buy 1,000 messages and you can send 1000 messages to 1000 uses for customers and all of the customers can be attracted to your business and after that you can increase your spending for marketing

What are the Plans of Cloud Whatsapp?

So here are some plans to use bulk WhatsApp message send account you can choose any plan as per your requirement and after that you will be provided one ID and password to use this panel so first of all let’s have a look on these plans

🟢Beginner Cloud Whatsapp Plans:

5000Messages /0.20 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.1000 ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

🟣Pro Cloud Whatsapp Plans: 💫💫

10000Messages /0.18 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.1800

25000Messages /0.16 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.4000

50000Messages /0.14 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.7000

75000Messages /0.13 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.9750

🔵Advanced Cloud Whatsapp Plans💥💥💥💥💥

100000Messages /0.12 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.12000

500000Messages /0.10 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.50000

1000000Messages /0.09 Paisa Per Message/ Price Rs.90000

Bulk Whatsapp Message Sending Software:

here is the cloud WhatsApp service is available but if you want to go for a software then I can remind you the software prize ring is available only for 1000 for 1 year 2000 for 5 year and 3000 for lifetime service you can easily get the software from us it is also very cheapest pricing

Cloud Whatsapp by Random Number:

Are you looking a way to send bulk messages on WhatsApp to get more and more traffic to your business or you want to get so many customers for your business and also you are interested to get higher profit from your business so here is the random bulk WhatsApp message sending panel is available you can send up to 10 million WhatsApp messages in just one shot and all these messages will be delivered from the Random numbers

These numbers will be Indian numbers and 10 million messages will be divided by 100 Whatsapp numbers 100 WhatsApp will be our company Random numbers so so this message will be divided by 100 WhatsApp number so all of these messages can be delivered very easily so it is the random bulk WhatsApp message sending service panel if you want to buy the panel then the pricing are same you can check it above.


To do the marketing promotion why you want to get higher profit from here business then whatsApp bulk message marketing sending service is available for your computer laptop and desktop you can easily use this service to promote any content Idea product for sales it is much relevant and available at very minimum pricing anyone can afford it so I don’t think about that other service is available which is compare able to the WhatsApp bulk message marketing if you think then please write the comment below and also like the article thanks reading.

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