How to Clone a Website and Edit it in 5 Minute?

How to Clone a Website and Edit it in 5 Minute

HTML Website Development

If you want to make a website, then first of all we should know how to make an html website, it is very difficult to create a website on HTML, for those people who have created a single website of their own and whose basic is not clear yet, that’s why they People always think that they can never become a website developer, but today I have brought you a complete playlist of how to make a website on HTML, you can watch it by visiting our YouTube channel.

Clone of a website

Can we copy a website, can we make our website exactly like its website?

So the answer is yes, you can definitely copy any good HTML website! It is a very easy way but it does not mean that you copy everyone’s website and put it on your website. We can copy it, on copying the entire website, you will get the Disclaimer ACT and your website will be closed.


Copy Someones Website

If you want to copy a website, then you will right click on it, you will get an option named VIEW PAGE SOURCE, after clicking on it you will get all the coding of that website, you can copy it, I have created a notepad file in my computer. By pasting it you can save this file with .htm file extension name and now if you open it in google chrome or mozilla firefox then this website will open

Right click> View page source...
make file of notepad with .html extension...paste.. run in browser

Top 10 Best HTML editors

If you need software or code editor to create an HTML website, then if you search on Google, you will find great software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Text in Sub Line, Microsoft Visual Studio, HTML Editor and many more. Which is better and easier?

Which is the best Software ?

With which we will make our website very quickly and in a shortcut way?

Download and Install VS CODE

We can use any software to create HTML website, but Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a very good software with the help of which we can create our website for free and in a shortcut way if you use VS Studio Code. If you want to download, then you can see its link below, you can download it by clicking on it, there are some options to install which maybe you must use, I have shown it in my videos, definitely watch it once.

Want editing and coding?
Install VS CODE, Adobe Dreamweaver , 
how to install vs code

Live Server

Your computer is a computer, but if we want to convert our computer into a live server, then with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio Code, we can make our computer a live server, as soon as you use and install this software. If yes, then you have to download an extension called live-server, you can see it in the video below, how can we install it and then you can use your computer as a like server You can do it so that you will not need any hosting

ALt+LO > >  Shortcut Key

Enable Zoom In/Out

While coding for some time, our head starts hurting or we cannot read it well due to being written too short and we do not understand it, that’s why whenever we do coding, we can make that small or big. If you have a laptop with your mouse or control button, then with the help of the mouse pad, you can zoom in and out, you can increase or decrease the screen display size, this is a very good feature that you can use the software of Microsoft Visual Studio. You will get the option by going to the settings inside and enjoy your coding

Settings, mouse wheel, zoom. Ctrl+ mouse wheel button

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