5 Steps to Grow YouTube Channel | Put Tags & Viral

Tag YouTube videos

Tag YouTube videos

In this article, I will tell you the way of getting video virals on YouTube.Tag YouTube videos in an efficient way will help you to get more views on videos. Well I’ll start with YouTube because YouTube is the only one platform where anyone can upload a free video for the audience there are no charges to upload a video on YouTube but there are many questions arises: Do you know, how to Tag YouTube videos

Get views on YouTube videos very fast?

Because everyone is uploading videos on YouTube but they don’t know the strategy you’re getting views77 and subscribers on YouTube!

In this article I will tell you the 5 amazing way to make your video viral on YouTube platform..
Before using this trick you just have to

Five Major Task to Tag YouTube videos?

1. Title of Video

The first step of Tag YouTube videos, Guys, if you are having a good title for Your video, for example what type of video are you creating so that same title you just have to describe in your title box.if you are working on redmi note pro unboxing of smartphone you just mention in your title redmi note pro unboxing features and how does it looks likes, if you are having good title for your videos then it is very good otherwise you can copy another one videos title..

Only 50 to 80 words are enough for your title and please mention what is your video about, moreover the tools available you can search on Google you can search on YouTube see others video and judge at what type of title should you have.. You can search the title as autocomplete. The first major work is to Tag your YouTube videos. before Tag your YouTube videos, first add title of your video.  

2. Description Box

You should have your mention title also in your description then and YouTube can easily be accessed your information regarding your title regarding your description and automatically understand you are video is what to about. you should also use your affiliate links if you are a type of promoting anything then you should mention the links.

if you are creating content from another video then should also give the credit in your videos in your description box and which tags of using any of your video you just mention also tags in your description, and tell everything about your self, for example, your name, your mobile number, Second part of Tag YouTube videos

Use social media links, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram if you are having any website you should mention the link in the description box.  Please fill etc,description box which is about 5000 words most of the youtubers don’t fill 10% of description words it is so embarrassing so you have to fill your description. Describe Tag your YouTube videos in Description box, add some keywords related your video. Don’t forget to tag your YouTube videos. This was the second step of Tag YouTube videos.

The description should be like this 

3. Tag your YouTube videos

Now the third step of Tag YouTube videos, is most important for your video if you defining tags for your video and the same tag is search by another person on the YouTube then he she will reached to your video and he will watch your video so if you are having problem to finding out the tags you can check below universal copy application for Android.Tag your YouTube videos Use some trending keywords and low ranking keywords, so that videos can be boost. Now it is the time to Tag your YouTube videos, so that more view we can get from our uploaded videos.

Download Universal Copy

you can also search the tags on the YouTube to Tag YouTube videos, which is called autocomplete for example if you are writing redmi note pro then you can see the suggested tags in the YouTube search for you can use those tags for your video views and you can search the keywordtool.io

in this website or even you can search the Google keyword planner to Tag your YouTube videos you can search the less competitive tags on your Google for example if you are finding the content then you just search Google on and you can see the maximum result for example 2707 0777 results of finding then you can see it is a high competitive then please do not use this type of tag in your video and the same if you are search redmi note pro unboxing and reviews the search result is 25700 this is alow less competitive tags

you can use this tag in your video I am damn sure you will get more and more views on this type of tag because it is less competitive so your video always comes in the search bar on the Google and YouTube also. Tag your YouTube videos with the help of google keywords planner and keywordtool.io  

The one Android app which is called as Universal copy it will find you or allow you to copy tags from YouTube videos for another one platform

How to Use Universal App Step by Step Tutorial

Tag your YouTube videos1.You just install this application from Google play store

2. after that allow all permission application asking

3.Now you just search anything on YouTube and you can see that there are many suggestions are available. Search Tags, and Tag your YouTube videos now.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/g9NOmeq3Jks4.Now just drop down universal copy from your notification bar

5.Select universal app after that selected all these suggested tags and copy these tags and put it on your description and for your tags box

4. End Screen, Cards

End Screeen, Annotations are most important to you getting views on your old YouTube videos and to visit it your own website this tool will help you to ensure old YouTube videos also viral and website Posts reachable. with the help of this tool, you can promote 2 playlist, and 5 five vidoes and one website. it is so amazing check this first one screenshot is end screen, second one is cards. End screen are necessary to give your last content which have you uploaded already. it can also find by Tags, but if you Tag your YouTube videos.  

End Screen Templates

Cards Templates

5. Subtitles:

For having video in Hindi language and if you want that your video should also be in English language then mention your English subtitle below your video..in screen option you can promote your videos or two of your playlist and also a website link after ending the video you can also mention your YouTube channel to get more subscriber on your channel and same as you can use the car if you are promoting 5 popular video then you can select 5 tax against 540 cooler and specific videos on this card it help to everyone to understand your video, After Tag your YouTube videos, use subtitle.

  https://www.youtube.com/embed/TnIGNzrx2hU   These steps will help you to fill your description box and your tag box
if you are having a good quality Tags then your videos will be viral after 10 to 15 days..
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