Javascript for beginners 2022 !! Javascript Web Development Free Course

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Javascript for beginners 2022

How to Learn Javascript for Beginners 2022 in Hindi !! Future & Scope || Pros & Cons !! What is the meaning of Javascript? The abbreviation for JavaScript is Js. JavaScript is a text based scripting and the most popular programming language in the web world. It is used to implement complex features in any web page. Special use for Mobile and website Development, Lets learn javascript for beginners 2022 in hindi ? javascript for beginners 2022,javascript for beginners 2022,how to learn javascript for beginners 2022

In this video we’ll walk you through: 1) What is javascript for beginner in hindi ? 2) What are benefits of Javascript? 3) What are the pros cons of Javascript? 4) What i can develop with this ? 5) Is it easy? Top 10 Major Things which you should know about javascript!

In this videojavascript for beginner in hindi
In this videojavascript for beginner in hindi

JAVASCRIPT Tutorial in Hindi #1

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 00:59 – Where we use Javascript? 01:28 – What is Javascript for beginners in hindi 2022 02:05 – Client Side vs Server Side Language 04:48- Can i develop Website and Mobile app? 05:38 – Form Validation / Checking Functionality 06:40 – Can we update Javascript? 07:10 – Can we run javascript on google chrome? 07:58 – Benefits of Javascript in Hindi 11:02- Cons/Limitation of Javascript Browser 15:17 – Subscribe for HTML, CSS, WordPress, Javascript Tutorials

What is JAVASCRIPT in Hindi?

  • Scripting Language – Client Side (Local Computer) And Server Side Like (Facebook) Php, .Net (As Well As Both)
  • Html< Css, Javascript (If Click On Text, Button Click, Behaviour)
  • Market Introduced Libraries Like J Query, React …
  • Use For Websites, Mobile Apps, Game Apps..
  • Use For Front End, Backend.
  • Animated Sliders, Form Submit, Formula And Result. 1+1 = 2? Sequence Of Tasks … 7Check Form (Name Is Name?, Number Is Number?
  • If Check Manually Then Lot Of Problem In Website)
  • Html/Css Support
  • Support Api
  • Work On Modern Browser
  • Ecma Standard New Version Coming – New Update, Use New Features


  • File Upload By User 2  We Will Use Node Js For Backend. 3  Safe, Run Only On Browser
  • ( No Require Extra Ram, Memory, Space In Computer)
  • Add New Html, Change Existing Dom (Html+Css) 5Set Cookies – User Can Login With One Time And
  • No Need To Login Again. –


  • No Read Write Files From Computer
  • No Hard Ware Acess
  • Can Access Permitted Resources Only.
  • Less Secure
  • Access Other Website Data By Ajax? If Get Together, Same Origin Policy
  • Together, Same Origin Policy

Javascript tutorial for beginner in hindi #2

  1. Install Visual Studio Code, Install Plugins, Live Server and JS es6
  2. Google Developer Console
  3. Add Javascript in code
  4. Console Log
  5. Print Character
  6. Make a Transaction
  7. Get element by Class
  8. Get element by ID

Javascript tutorial for beginner in hindi #3

Javascript console.log properties #3

Javascript console.log tutorial
Internal Vs External JS
console.log("Hello world!");
console.error("You made a mistake");
console.warn("This is a warning!");"Hello world!");
console.table(["Audi", "Volvo", "Ford"]);
console.table({Name:"Money", Age:"56", City:"India"});


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