Monetize Your You Tube Videos without 1000 Sub & 4000 hours

Monetize Your You Tube Videos without 1000 Sub & 4000 hours

Monetize You Tube Videos

hello guys, as we know that a lot of websites and apps are available here, from where you can earn money online on the internet by doing some task or uploading some videos as a creator, There are a lot of websites are available which relates to earn money online from which of them are freelancer, alliance, Amazon affiliate marketing, Amazon Kindle direct publishing, Fotolia, mechanical Turk, YouTube, Swagbucks, fever skillshare, and many more websites are available which gives you some task to do and against of their work they give you some money and payment of your work.

If I talk about the applications then we can use our Android or iOS apps to earn money as there are most popular Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, hello chat, share chat, like, kwai and more apps are available where you can upload videos or promote any type of business or apps and then you can earn money by using these types of apps. Now, now we already know that YouTube is inbuilt in our Android and YouTube is the biggest platform. Where we can earn money by uploading videos as a creator and there are a lot of categories are available.

For example, funny songs, music, technology, cooking, automobile, blogging and other types of videos are there. But the problem is there, if you want to monetize our channel then we have to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel before earning money on YouTube channel from the last 365 days. if we are unable or we can’t create videos or don’t give time for creating content and upload it on YouTube then we cannot monetize our YouTube channel without completing YouTube requirements. Sometime, if we quit for uploading then our channel monetization will be disabled automatically.

How Can You Monetize your Videos Without Completing 4000 Hours Watch Time and 1000 Subscribers? 

The one and only website are Dailymotion, where you can upload videos or earn more money or redeem your payment when you reach your threshold that is 100$. there is no need to complete 4000 hours watch time or 1000 subscribers, here you can add your social links and website also.

Dailymotion website

Dailymotion website is one and only website where you don’t need to complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers. It is a free website where you can enable your monetization and it will automatically start earning revenue from your uploaded videos.

Types of ads

Dailymotion website provides you a lot of ads, for example, steam ads, before video ads, after video ads, during video ads, and more ads are served on your video when you upload a video on the Dailymotion website. It allows you to share and earn revenue by placing ads on your videos. So if you have low views and more views you can get revenue as your views increase or down so make sure you just share videos and add your social website links and website by upload Dailymotion videos on your website but you have to verify your domain and web site on Dailymotion websites that this website is yours.

Please do not promote videos online marketing to getting more views on your Dailymotion videos

Add payment method

if you having an account on the Dailymotion website then you can add your banking information in payment methods Bar. Your earned revenue will be transferred from your Dailymotion accounts to your PayPal account or your bank account but make sure you have to complete $100 in your account so that you can redeem your balance in your bank account and you can always use analytics of Dailymotion account that how much revenue, views, watch time or impressions have you earned till today.

Best Alternative

One new website is Vimeo you can also try this website where creators monetize their films and videos and it also includes the ads in-stream ads, display ads for video ads after video and during video ADs and more ads are available on Vimeo and Dailymotion. It also allows Vimeo to get paid tips on your Vimeo video.

What Is a TIP JAR?
It sounds seems like a tip, yes you are absolutely right, there is one option will be enabled on your account is it that mean if someone show their appreciation to your video then that user can give you from $1 to $800 to your videos and payment will be transferred from your Vimeo accounts to your PayPal account or your credit card and even that user don’t have even to be logged on Vimeo to tip.

Live stream monetization

If you going to live on the Dailymotion website then you can go live and earn money from your live streaming in Dailymotion application. you can go live and click on the insert ad button when live streaming add will be launch on your live stream at the same place that ad will be placed on your live stream and if someone clicks on your live stream video then they will watch an ad before starting your live stream. This ad won’t be accessible for the first 45 seconds meanwhile viewers have to wait for 45 seconds to monetize your live stream or watch your Livestream.

Dailymotion App Download

Add limit

If your videos are going viral then most of the viewers will watch your video then I just want to tell you before that if there are a lot of viewers are watching your video then you will be paid only for the first 24 ads per hour. Only 24 ads per hour will be shown on your Dailymotion videos.

Revenue and payment

First you should reach on your first $100 and your website account
Second, fill the Bank information and accept the auto invoicing.
Your invoice will be created and after that, the payment process will be done by its different partner and send to your bank account or PayPal account.
The payment will be sent on the last day of the month after every last day of the creation invoice month.

Benefits of Dailymotion

  1. You can monetize your live stream
    2. You can also monetization your videos content community tab and other types of features are available
    3. You can earn revenue from your videos
    4.Earn revenue from your website monetization
    5. I can earn revenue also from AD formats

Ways of Earning on Daily Motion

First, you can earn money by video monetization

Second, you can become a partner and get a 50% revenue share on ads.

Third, Become a publisher and you can earn money from embedding other people’s videos on your website and it is another source of the revenue share of advertising and earning money.

Fourth, You can sell your videos to others on daily motions 

Fifth, you can get also tip on your videos it is only available on the Vimeo.

Now at the end of this article, I just wanted to say that there are a lot of websites and apps are available if you cannot complete your 1000 subscriber or 4000 hours watch time then there is another option that is a Dailymotion. It is a free website without any restriction and working fully freedom, you can upload any of your videos at any time, even after a day, month or year and on the same day and time, you can monetize your video without any requirement for eligibility.

This one is really very very awesome website I also uploaded videos on the Dailymotion.

Check out the full tutorial of Dailymotion
Click below YouTube video
Thank you for your time today I value and respect your time and also thank full to you for this that you have spent your time to read my article.
Manpreet Singh

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