Can i Upload my YouTube Video into two times? Double Income?

Can i Upload my YouTube Video into two times?

Repeated YouTube Content

As we know that YouTube is updating its policy from time to time. Sometimes it updates or do changes into YouTube studio, monetization, policy and copyright, community guidelines strike, & the YouTube analytics, there are so many changes have done in YouTube also in live streaming and as we know that a comments can be filtered now in these days and subscribers or subscription can be hidden on the YouTube and notifications updates are really very amazingly updated & also Content ID manage and content ID claims and other types of updates are updated by the YouTube but now in this article

Now, Youtube categories their duplicate content into two categories:

1. What is Repetitive Content?

2. What is Repeated Content?

Repeated Content

In which type of content are you creating a video that content is called a topic or idea, but what is repeated content?
if you create this type of content again and again and again and again and after that, you upload on your YouTube channel that content will be called as a repeated content.

For example, if I talk about the PUBG game then if you create video on the chicken dinner and you have uploaded 4-5 videos regarding chicken dinner with multiple ways of representation include your editing, title, description, and tags are used differently, but your video content is same for number of videos uploaded by you, that the topic is same chicken dinner. does my video violate the community guidelines ? 

yes obviously, because the video is one and the original topic is one that is chicken dinner, you do editing or voice over or change multiple title, description or tags and uploaded many times by you, then your channel may be terminated anytime.

For example, if I create one video and upload it with different types of titles :
1. How to do chicken dinner
2. Chicken dinner tips and tricks
3. How can we do fast chicken dinner
4. Multiple ways to do chicken dinner on pubg
5. Pubg chicken dinner Kaise Karte hain

Repeated content is pubg
Repetitive content is chicken dinner

We can use multiple times of repeated content(PUBG) in our YouTube videos but we cannot use repetitive content(Chicken Dinner) in our videos

Now you can see above the titles are repetitive content and these types of contents are not allowed on YouTube. Because you are creating a video on the same content that is chicken dinner. Multiple videos are not allowed, you can upload only one or two.

If you are going to create video on multiple topics of pubg for example, Chicken Dinner, Pochinki, Locations, Weapons, Guns, Pistols, Snipers, Squad, Dance, Shortcuts And More Tricks, then your content is not repetitive because you are using different content and now these types of contents are eligible for monetization.

Let’s Understand With Another Example Of The Youtube

Now we can say that YouTube is repeated content.
But if we use repetitive content that is, if we are creating a video on monetization again and again, then our video can be block and our channel can be Terminated or deactivated or even if I say then our channel may be deleted by the YouTube without any warming.

Let’s check the Incorrect way to create a video on repetitive content.
I am going to show you the repetitive content of monetization and now I create one video of monetization and uploaded with and different types of titles and uploaded on YouTube then my channel can be terminated anytime.

1. How to monetization my channel
2. How to monetize my channel in Hindi
3. How to enable monetization on my channel
4. How to disable demonetization on my channel
5. Monetization Kaise Karte hain
6. YouTube monetization Kaise Karte hain
7. YouTube se paise kamane ke liye meditation Kaise Karen
8. YouTube channel monetize Kaise Karen
9. How to turn on demonetization of my YouTube channel
10. Monetization is disabled on my account how to activate it

Now I have mentioned 10 different types of title regarding monetization and if I create one video with mentioned above title and uploaded on the YouTube with 10 different ways and different types of titles then maybe my videos are blocked on the YouTube and my channel may be blocked or terminated even deleted by YouTube.

Now I have given show you two different types of examples that what is repeated content and what is repetitive content?

Create video on repeated content it could be YouTube, earning money, website, blogging, blog post, cooking, science, technology, free fire, Candy crush any type of apps and website and there could be multiple numbers of topics and indexes, But please do not create video on repetitive content and avoid to create videos on repetitive content

If you are also having videos regarding the same repetitive contact then remove now from on YouTube and please keep only one video on your channel regarding the Repetitive content.

You should know the one major update in 2020 by youtube.

Monetization policy updated 2020

If you are having a YouTube channel and as we know that in the year 2014-17 there is no need to complete any type of eligibility to enable our YouTube channel monetization but if we talk about the year 2017 there is a limit if you won’t able to get 1000 views on your channel then your channel monetization cannot be turn on it was so embarrassing but after this monetization process got very tough and in the Year 2018 You have to complete 4000 hours watch time on your channel 1000 subscribers on your channel if your channel does not complete this type of requirement then your channel does not eligible for channel monetization.
In the year 2019, there is also one process added in monetization that if you complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers on your channel then you have to submit your channel for YouTube review after YouTube review it shall decide to turn on your monetization or not.

Now in 2020 there is one process also added in your YouTube monetization that if you completed your 4000 hours watch time 1000 subscriber on your channel then you have to send to review but before you have to do these 5 settings on your channel for monetization purpose you can check out my article click here and you will be redirected to my I updated monetization policy page
you just have to do these settings on your channel and after that, you will be able to enable your monetization and after that, you can earn more and more and more money
I hope your channel shall monetize very early.

Check out my monetization blog post

I hope this article would have helped you to understand that what is repeated and repeated in the content on the YouTube this policy is a very dangerous thing so we avoid and keep safe yourself always. for More Updates you can subscribe my YouTube channel and subscribe my websites upcoming notifications

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