Youtube Thumbnail Not Showing In App (Broken Thumbnail Fix)

youtube broken thumbnail

YouTube Thumbnail

If You Are Having A Youtube Then You Can Contact Directly With Youtube Customer Support Team, But If You Are Not Having A Youtube Channel Then You Will Not Be Able To Connect With Them. Because Before Starting This Session You Will Have To Copy And Paste Your Channel Url In This Form After That This Form Will Be Submitted To Youtube Support Team Then They Will Check And They Will Connect With You. For example, i have problem with YouTube Thumbnail not showing

For Example, If You Are Having Any Problem On The Youtube App, Your Youtube Video, Your Custom Thumbnail, Title Description, Tags, End Screen, Annotations And Subtitles Also, Or Even If You Are Having Problems On Your Youtube Channel For If You Are Having Content Id Claim Information, or If You Want To Ask Any Information Regarding Copyright Content, Community Guideline Strikes Or If There Is Not Updated Any Of Your Analytics Like Views, Subscribers, Watch Time, Revenues, Cpc Etc।

You Can Ask Any Of Your Question Regarding Your Youtube Channel Directly With Youtube Support Team If You Would Like My Article Then Please Don’T Forget To Live Your Like On My Youtube Video

If You Are Having A Youtube Account And If You Are A Youtuber Then You Can Directly Chat Or Contact With Customer Care Of Youtube, In this article am going to connect with youtube team to get solution of my problem YouTube Thumbnail not showing.

Yes, It Is Very Very Interesting To Know That Can We Chat With Customer Representative of Youtube???

Yes, Of course. The Answer Is Yes You Can Talk With Them Anytime 24/7hours as the Working Of Youtube.

The Process Is If You Want To Talk With Youtube

Ten Steps to Talk Directly with Youtube.

Below are the pictures and steps to tell you to step by step that how can you connect with them?

1.Just Search It On Google

2.That How To Chat Directly With Youtube

3The First One Link Will Be Opened

4.Contact Youtube Creator Support Team

5.Just Click On That Link And After That

6.You Just Click On Computer If You Are Having A Computer

7. Click On The Android If You Are Interested To Talk With Your Smartphone

8. If You Are Having iPhone Or Ipad Then Click iPhone And Ipad Option

9. Now Click Chat Option Or Email Option You Just Click Chat Option

10.Then Choose Your Language

For Example, If I Am Going To Chat In English Then I’M Going To Select Chat In English, After That You Just Fill This Form.

For Example Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Email Address, Or Your Channel Url After That You Can See The Small Boxes Here How Can We Help You?

Now i will ask question and solution of my problem that is YouTube Thumbnail not showing.

You Just Fill Out Your Description.

For Example, What Type Of Problem Are You Facing ??

You Just Mention Your Problem Here, Why Do You Want To Talk With Youtube Help?

Then After That Mentioned Your Problem, Then Select Start Chat You Will See  The Dialogue Box Will Be Opened !!!

One Of The Representing From The Customer Care Of Youtube.

I Would Like To Talk To You You Just Say Hello Hi After That Ask Your Question !!

What Type Of Problem Are You Facing On Youtube?

Problem : YouTube Thumbnail not showing
As we know that more of the YouTubers do not have custom thumbnails on their videos, due to this more of the YouTubers are unable to get views on their videos. 
As you can see from the below screenshot that I have captured one screenshot of one YouTuber which does not have a custom thumbnail on his video.  

There are a lot of the videos on YouTube which don’t have a custom thumbnail. Look above picture shows that some videos having problem of YouTube Thumbnail not showing.
So I wanted to discuss YouTube so while I was chatting with YouTube I observed that there is a problem at the end of YouTube.
But YouTube was not agreed regarding the problem.
But it told me the new ways to use custom thumbnails on my video
if you are also not having the custom thumbnails for your videos are having broken thumbnails and most of the viewers are trying to say that your videos do not have any thumbnail then you just use below steps I am damn sure you will resolve the problem very soon…   There are 3 to 4 ways are suggested to me by the YouTube team1. Just uninstall the YouTube application and reinstall the application
2.Now if there is any update you just update all the updates on the YouTube
3.Try another one internet connection or using the hotspot of your friend or relative
4.Log out your YouTube account and login again on the YouTube account
5.Use incognito window in Google chrome

they told me to update the app to solve the problem of YouTube Thumbnail not showing. If you get this type of error, update your YouTube App now.

  After all the things you have done then you can check here YouTube application or website you will never see any of the custom thumbnails are broken or the problem of not displaying custom thumbnails on others YouTube video or your videos…

But Be Remember If You Are Having The Youtube Channel Then Please Contact Only With Youtube Support Team, If You Are Not Having A Youtube Channel Then Do Not Try Do To Contact Youtube Help Support Team.

I Hope You Like My Article I Love You Take Care Have A Nice Day.

Please Share This Article With Your Friends If They Are Also Having A Youtube Channel. I have solve my problem of YouTube Thumbnail not showing.

At this end of this article I just try to say that there are a lot of issues are arising by the YouTubers that their complaints are not resolved that means if they are facing any type of trouble, for example, copyright community guideline is or any type of monetization problem then they just arise a complaint regarding their channel and mail to the YouTube help but YouTube does not respond to the YouTubers they could take the time a day a aur a month it is not sure that they will reply you immediately so so talk with live chat on the YouTube it is the best way to solve your problem anytime thanks it is just my review I don’t want to provoke you.

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