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Youtube Earnings-How Much I Earn From Youtube (Proof)

YouTube Earnings

Hey guys, In this article I am going to tell you about my journey on my YouTube platform. I saw so many problems on my YouTube journey 2019 and I want to discuss it with you. Well, I started my YouTube account in 2015 at that time I I just uploaded videos regarding my lifestyle. I upload every type of video but I am going to show you what I have done. What I am planning to do? I upload all types of videos including music, videos, my songs, my voice over and there are all types of dubbing videos but when I saw that every YouTube video is going viral with more and more views then I excited to see that my YouTube channel is growing then I decided that now want to take my passion into my YouTube career.

i saw that there are the latest songs that are uploaded by t-series, speed records and other companies then  I started the download of all upcoming new videos songs and reuploaded them into my youtube channel. At that time, Jio was recently launched in India then I bought three Sims of Jio and against these sims I get unlimited data because SIM was free and I download 3-6 videos daily upcoming new latest songs video  And re-upload on my YouTube channel.  

I Saw that my subscriber’s counting is gaining and I got 800 subscribers then I started Sub to sub that means you subscribe to me then I will subscribe to your channel but there is no benefit to use that type of website. I subscribe to other YouTube channel and against I get so many subscribers on my YouTube channel then I created two or more YouTube channels. One is latest songs and one is all-time entertainment these were my new channels but I quit from these channels and I regularly uploaded new latest songs videos on my Manpreet Singh channel well I want to tell you that before changing my name is MisterSingh1000 my YouTube channel name was Manpreet Singh when anyone try to search on the YouTube MisterSingh1000 then he reached to my channel Manpreet Singh but now I have changed my YouTube channel name that is MisterSingh1000 Tech tips.  


How I Created Channel On YouTube?

One day in the year 2017, I Saw news on the Aaj Tak news channel, where I saw that there are so many YouTubers are earning money on YouTube channels I excited to know that how they are earning? the reason was monetization then I tried to watch new videos on the YouTube channel that how to turn on my monetization? On the same day, I followed that tricks and apply for monetization and after 1 week my monetization was enabled. I was very happy then I created a Google AdSense account to link my YouTube earning.   https://www.youtube.com/embed/klg3btMc9t8?t=17s

Why I Changed my Channel category?

Suddenly I saw I got community guidelines to strike because I was violating the YouTube community guidelines and after 1 week I got again copyright strike on my YouTube channel. I was scared that my channel will be spoil if I got 3 strikes on my YouTube channel and after some days I got again second copyright strike on my YouTube channel I was scared that now it is the last step that I will lose my YouTube channel then I started to change privacy of my YouTube videos from public to private and after 3 month when my community guidelines strike and copyright strike removed then I change all the privacy from YouTube videos from private to publicly and once again I got the copyright strike on my YouTube channel after 2 months then I have to change the privacy of all my videos from public to private.

Fed up On Youtube 

I was fed up, that I am doing hard work on youtube, I waste my time on editing and uploading, I waste my money on internet charges and phone battery consumption and money also. Then I saw that there is no scope of reuploaded YouTube videos then I decide to do all the videos deleted. but I didn’t do that then I watch someone’s tech videos and after that watching so many videos on youtube. I realized I saw that all content should be your content then you can get earn money from Youtube.   https://www.youtube.com/embed/L9I9A4XQ1aU?t=7s   I decided to choose the category and I upload videos regarding Tech after some time almost 2 months, 3 months & so on I saw that I was unable to get views on my YouTube channel and my YouTube is not going viral as well as my video songs get viral. I started from a new way, deleted all video songs video and upload regularly tech videos on youtube.

When I Got Sucess! 

I was fed up but after one and a half year, I got one of my videos got viral on how to get fans on like APP. I just created this video in just 10 minutes and I got a huge amount of views and likes on my videos it is almost 2,00,000 views on my youtube.  

How Much I Earned On YouTube

I started to make videos on the same topic, I Created Videos on how to make date, how to get fans, how to get likes and more videos regarding like APP. In 2018 I got my earning goes up that was $100 from YouTube. believe me it is so tough to earn money from youtube if I talk about your first payment on youtube you will be fed up to complete your first 100 dollars.
Then I got 100 and again $100 from the YouTube account and my total income from 2015 to 2019 was $300 almost about 24000 rupees in Indian currency. With this money, I bought a laptop tripod and arranging more accessories to show my videos very best.
I was very excited to tell you about my journey and my income my views and subscribers below is the screenshot of my YouTube Ranking, my whole channel views and my estimated income but I told you the actual income of my YouTube channel and in 2020 years I Took a target to get $300 from the YouTube channel. With this, I just created one website of mistersingh1000.com because I want to earn more and more money from YouTube channel from my website and even I also going to plan one app. I will support you if you are having a youtube channel.

I hope you will like my article and true story regarding my YouTube career.
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Jai Hind vande mantram,manpreet Singh

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