Article writing topics – Best 100% Unique Article Writing Trick


Article writing topics

Today we will teach you to write an article on a website and blogger, it will be called a copyright-free and unique article. Nobody will teach you on Google and YouTube about this trick. There are a lot of Article writing topics, and the same I put a lot of articles on my website with this trick. Let us know, the most unique and shortcut way of writing articles.

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Write an Article for Website/Blogger

What is Article? We call a blog post in which we use to provide any kind of information about anything. There are many websites like Wikipedia on Google that write articles on their website and Teaches people something like uploading videos on YouTube, about technology, cooking, teaching, education. They write articles on their blog posts which people can read, people who cannot watch the video, they get information by reading that article. Article writing on multiple topics can give a lot of money to bloggers.

Best trick for article writing topics

By the way, you can also write the article yourself, translate it and get information from Google, YouTube, and other platforms and from different places, after collecting info upload it to your website through a blog post. You will get a lot of time to do it & It may seem that even 1 day is wasted, sometimes we do not get that content which we required to upload on our website, that is why we have brought a very good way for you to get subtitles of any YouTube videos.

Video Using Links List:

Download Subtitle
Text Fixer/remove line break –
Plagirism Checker –
Plagirism Remover –

Interesting topics for article writing

  • If I Ran the World.
  • Why I Blog.
  • Interview with
  • The One Thing I Do Every Day.
  • My Love Affair With…
  • What I Do When I Fail
  • Technology I Can’t Live Without
  •  How I Overcome Challenges
  • Dreaming Big Enough
  • One Person I’m Glad I Met

On which topic should I write the article?

You all know that the video uploaded on YouTube in a different language, so you can search for any video of any language and any keyword on YouTube, sometimes the video is in the Hindi language. but, if its subtitle is put in the English language, then that video can be seen and understood anywhere in India and we can use its subtitles & translate them into our own language. Let’s know, how we write an article from YouTube subtitles.

20 steps to write a unique article:

First of all, we will go to YouTube, search any topic and keyword on which you want to write an article, search that term in the search bar of YouTube.


You will find a lot of videos here, but this video will not be of any use to you, then which video will be of your use?

To know this, we will click on the filter above and then click subtitles/cc below in features section.


All the videos does have subtitles

To become a professional blogger, you should only choose English subtitled videos because we can translate that subtitle in any language.

We can generate an article in the same language by translating English subtitles into Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali in any language.


Select the video, copy its link and you will have to go to a subtitled download website whose link will be found below and paste the link of this video there.

Now we have to click on the download text, now our subtitles have been downloaded, you open it in notepad or Wordpad.


Copy the entire article by CTRL+A then CTRL+C . Your entire article should be copied


Now you go to this website and paste that article here, definitely click on the remove line breaks and the paragraph breaks.


We have to click on the remove breaks here. Now our article has finished the line and paragraph and it has become a complete article.

Now we will check its copy right. To check the copyright, you go to this link.

Go to the duplicator website and paste this content.


Now we check here what percentage of our content is called unique.

If it is more than 90% then we can put it directly on our website.

If it is called more than 20% plagiarized means that it is called copyrighted.


We will copy this content and make it unique through a WordPress plugin.

If you do not have that WordPress plugin, you can download it from here and make your article unique.


Those who do not have WordPress, Click on this link and click on the Remove Playground after inserting their article.

As soon as your content copyright becomes free, then you can copy this content and put it on your website.


Now we have prepared this complete article, now we do a little designing of it such as headings, points, paragraphs and then after that we will copy this whole article and put it on our website, In this way you can copy the subtitles of any video and after checking its copyrighted content, we can put it on our website, it is absolutely one Hundred Percent Genuine.


Friends, I have taught you to write an article from YouTube subtitles, hope, this trick will help you all your life because I keep putting content on my website with this trick, then you can check every single post of mine if you want to write unique content. This is the best way if you have Blogger and want to get WordPress, then for just ₹ 999 I can give you the WordPress Dashboard domain and host. If you are interested then you can contact me.

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