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WordPress Hosting Theme

If you are creating a reseller hosting website, then applying a theme on the website and making your website looks good, and attracting your customers to your website is a great art if you have applied a very good theme on your website and make it look good. If you have not yet seen our reseller hosting website playlist, below you will get the link and a website You will get a link on which you can know about each and every stuff by clicking one by one and you can create your own reseller hosting website and earn a lot of money, then first of all we go to WordPress

Reset WordPress

For this we have to clear the posts and pages that are made in our video, we select them and put them in trash, we select all posts and pages and put our posts in trash, then after that we will now go to appearance, theme Click on Theme Click on Upload Theme 

Reseller Hosting Theme Installation

Then hosting team that I can show you, which will cost ₹ 500 and its original price is ₹ 2000, I can give it to you for ₹ 500, if you want, then you must contact me on my whatsapp number +917009732517, we have given that theme with license key on whatsapp  get here We have to select and upload it, after uploading, 

Install Reseller Theme Plugins

we have to select some plugins, we have to install these plug-ins first, which will help our website a lot of solution to every problem, then we have installed all these plug-ins Now we have to activate our theme and our plugins are ready to work on this website Now we have to come up with a layout on our website 

Install Theme Builder

Which theme website builder do you want to use like Elementar, WP Bakery to edit your website? so these are two website builders so that You can do your website customize without any coding, so I want to tell you about Elementor which is a very good website builder, you can easily customize your website on it.

For this we get some layouts. What will be the layouts, for this we have to go to the hostiko website and click on it You have to see it on the demo, then you have to select this same layout in your WordPress and install it, if you select any other layout, then it may not be edited by you, that’s why i recommend only to use Elementor.

Elementor or WP Backery

Select any layout you can select and import the demo on your website After importing the demo you can easily edit and customize it with Elementor if you want to learn how to customize website from Elementor then you can visit our website. Go to the channel, search Elementor, you will find three videos in which we have told how to make a website from Elementor, you watch these three videos, then after that you can easily customize your website

Import Demo

I show you my website which I have imported demo After and after customizing it I have prepared it and its layout looks very good now this website is ready to sell hosting to our customer now we will make plan inside WHM in next video and Will link it with our website that if a customer comes, then buy our plan and run its website from your hosting, hope you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel.

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subscribe to us on the website and make a complete hosting plan. step by step tutorial we have given below link, you can easily create hosting website by clicking on it, if you want to learn how to make more websites like digital marketing, seo, mlm, earn money, woo commerce, blogging websites without coding, then you subscribe our youtube channel like comment here


Be prepared to see the next article in which we have told to set up WHM, WHMCS and we will also buy reseller hosting and we will also setup it. You must watch the above video, you must make every setting on your website by watching the video.

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