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How to start a web hosting business

One question is just for you, you want to start a business and also want a lot of money, but unable to think about a web hosting business and a good setup, then today in the article, we will tell you about such a business. Being a time dependent, you can make a lifetime income from them by creating a lifetime client, ready to start selling domain and hosting business?

How much can earn by selling hosting?

If you want to earn up to Rs. 1000-50000 behind every customer and want to increase the income level of yourself, then definitely follow this website article, just take time on reading this website article when after the setup is ready to sell something up, you should be ready to earn money from web hosting business

Full Playlist to make Reseller hosting website

Web hosting business Problems?

  • If you have never bought hosting, then you have to buy hosting from a company you know or you can buy from us. Go to Indiahostingoffers.com
  • There are a lot of problems when buying Hostings and by installing WHM, WHMCS & CPANEL.
  • Within all these software, you can face any problem at any kind.
  • The Major One is not opening cpanel of some clients.
  • Someone’s website is not opening.
  • DNS name server problem also comes.
Web hosting business
  • Nobody even seems to have SSL certificate
  • Anyone can get their website closed due to technical issue at any time
  • You have to purchase every single license of your installing whmcs, whm, cpanel.
  • Running this website hosting is not just a one person job
  • For this, you will have to add another person with you so that if you are somewhere else and there and think about when your client will messaging you directly, that we are upset with your hosting service.
  • We get nothing when we sell domains because the margin in it is very low.
  • Do not give too much discount to hosting people.
  • To make a website look good, you have to operate it for the whole life.
  • Remember, if anything happens on your client’s website, you will have to suffer loss.

Be Remember while hosting

So now maybe you are ready to face all those problems, let’s know how we make Web hosting business. You can make your website very good with the help of features and settings. Remember, if your website service is good, then only your clients will advise their friends too. Don’t reduce the cost of Hosting too much or don’t make it too big. Lets someone buy it.


Be prepared to see the next article in which we have told to set up WHM, WHMCS and we will also buy reseller hosting and we will also setup it. You must watch the above video, you must make every setting on your website by watching the video.

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