10 Best Steps to Get YouTube Views! Boost youtube views

increase youtube video views

Boost youtube views

Many of the YouTubers want to know that how to Boost youtube views on YouTube videos? I saw many YouTubers even I am a YouTuber and My name is Manpreet Singh You can check out my channel Mistersingh1000 and I am facing the problem of the view on my YouTube channel I have total 14000 subscribers, but still I am unable to get YouTube Views on YouTube?

What was the problem, What I imagined, the biggest problem is a tag, I don’t use tag properly in my video.

Boost youtube views

How does YouTube Video title work?

For example, if I am a YouTuber and I am going to upload a video on the topic of how to make a chocolate cake? & I put the same title into my video, how to make a chocolate cake?

How to Start Youtube Channel & Earn Money with Shortcut Tricks!

But the other user who is searching the video on YouTube and if he or she will search the video on youtube, how to make chocolate cake at home then my video will not be recommended to his/her YouTube video result. this is the fact. That’s, why we are unable to get YouTube Views , but, if we put the same tag also into our YouTube video tags list then YouTube would easily search our video and recommend to that visitor or user who is finding the video related how to make chocolate cake at home. How Youtube video title work for getting so many views on our Video? Check out this Link.

Well, there are so many ideas and suggestions viral videos Available on YouTube and Google.com but these are not working. I Imagined. So, I found one awesome and latest trick to boost your video views.

Boost yourYouTube Views, how can we find tags? Check Below Video.

Boost youtube views

I daily find new ideas and Shortcut tricks to boost my video on Google or YouTube, but there is no permanent solution regarding my problem, or even if I want to get more views on my youtube channel then I have to purchase or buy some YouTube SEO tools to viral my video. Everything is paid. So, how can I afford this?

Here in this article, I am going to tell you that there is a VIDIQ Google Chrome extension, which finds the best tag for YouTube videos so that you can find the right tags for your video title and after that, you can put your video on YouTube search engine then you will be able to get more and more views on YouTube videos in thousand, lakhs, or millions or billions. It is your Good luck I can tell you the strategy or trick to how to use it?

Top 5 Reasons you are not getting YouTube Views?

  1. Do you Use the Right keywords or Tags
  2. Are you delivering the right content to your audience
  3. Did You optimise your video
  4. i Think you are not promoting your channel
  5. spreading your content on a different type of mobile apps and website

Well, I am sharing with you the major problem in this article, that is the first one that you are not using the right tag for your YouTube videos.

ViDIQ Google Chrome Extension

ViDIQ is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to enable to get keywords or tags for your YouTube videos, it will help you to find trending and most used tags, which will help you to write your video tags on YouTube. I also need to improve my youtube SEO score, this extension is really very helpful because I am using it from 4 years this extension is paid and its charge 5000 per month but I can give you free demo or trick with the help of you can get it also for your lifetime.

HOW TO Install?

It is really very simple to use and install, you can just search on the Google, Search VIDIQ Google Chrome Extension, and after that, you can install that Google Chrome extension into your PC and laptop. You can enable this extension by using your ID and password of your YouTube account or any type of Gmail ID, but we remember your YouTube channel should be linked to the same Gmail id and password.

WHAT IS vidIQ Vision for  YouTube Views

VIDIQ is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to enable to get keywords or tags for your YouTube videos, it will help you to find trending and most used tags, which will help you to get more views on your video on YouTube or article of website. I also want to improve my SEO score. This extension is really very helpful, because I am using it from 4 years. This extension is paid and it charges 5000 per month, but I can give you a free demo or trick to crack it and also you can get it for a lifetime also.

How to upgrade for free

  1. Just install the Google Chrome extension VIDIQ
  2.  Click on the upgrade button.
  3. Choose the Pack of Second One  That is boost pack.
  4.  Enter the promo code – “OSI”
  5. Enter the debit card, credit card information.
  6.  Don’t Worry, No amount will be deducted from your bank account.
  7. Congratulation you have done for one month now.

 if you want to get for the lifetime, you just use another id using Google Chrome extension VIDIQ with that ID Search & Choose the Right tags for your video.

Copy that Tags and after that, you can paste in your original YouTube account.

Best Features of VIDIQ

Vivid IQ extension will help you to get more trending tags from your competitor, for SEO score, most used tags and it also shows the search volume. you can find any video tag from your YouTube video and from anyone’s YouTube channel. You can also enable inline keywords on YouTube first page, you can also see the ranking of any YouTube tag, the keyword Inspector will help you to find the related tags for your videos. if you purchase this with VIDIQ Google Chrome extension by using the OSI Coupon code then and you can optimize 40 videos for the month.


The main purpose is VIDIQ Google Chrome extension, you can get so many views on your videos, you can also see the SEO score of any tag and you can get competitions tags, which tags are trending you can track the ranking of that tags on youtube pages, you can also fetch the tags of trending videos and most viewed videos, which videos are going to viral and how it is going to viral, which type of tags creators are using in their videos?

You can check the overall score of any YouTube channel SEO, their videos tags, trending videos tags, most viewed videos tags and also track the ranking of any YouTuber video.

Below Tools & Features on VIDIQ

  • keyboard Inspector
  • Boost Your video
  • Enable Inline keywords
  • Video overall score
  • Top related keywords 
  • Top channel for that video
  • Related queries
  • Trending video tags 
  • Complete with your competitors
  • Create trend alert
  • Watch the tags of most viewed videos 
  • Channel audit 
  • YouTube channel achievement

Check out my YouTube channel Analytics. I Just grow my channel with VIDIQ Tools.

WHERE TO FIND TAGS to get  YouTube Views?

VIDIQ extension will help you to get tags from everywhere even it could be on your channel, or on other YouTube channels. It is really very helpful to find other YouTube channel tags and after that apply those tags in our video, so, that our video would be able to get maximum views on youtube.

Keyword inspector

The keyboard inspector helps you to find the trending and related keywords and tags for your YouTube videos, which you are going to create if you want to get so many views.

  1. Just click on the keyword inspector
  2. Write your video title or your tags
  3. keyword inspector will show you the trending and most used keywords, 
  4. it will also show you SEO ranking and which type of tags creators are using in their video
  5. You can just click on the plus button
  6. The same tags will be applied into your YouTube video

You can also use the trending video tags by clicking on that video and after that click on the plus button. The trending video tag will be also applied to your Youtube video which you are creating.

Yeah, you can check the ranking of my YouTube video also. The SEO score, how many checklists that i have created.

  • My keywords Tag count is 5/5.
  • The tag volume is 2/5
  • The keywords in the title are 5/5
  • The keyword in the description is 5/5
  • The tripled keyword is 5/5
  • The keywords ranked tags are 5/2.
  • The high volume ranked tags is 0/5 
Boost youtube views

After used the tag from the trending video or your desirable tag, you can check out the VIDIQ score of your Youtube video, which will help you to tell you that how many views you can get from your YouTube videos by using these types of tags. No one extension can tell you this is a really Shortcut and awesome and useful trick to boost your videos on YouTube. Believe me, you can check out more features of VIDIQ & Crack Watch Videos.

How to check other YouTube Tags Ranking and SEO score

It is very simple to check the SEO score and tags ranking for their daily average views, which country they belong too, how many subscribers and daily average subscribers are they getting? Their Average view counts, How many views & subscribers did they get in the last 30 days? 

  1. Search any video on theYouTube
  2. Click any video
  3. You can check the right-hand side of their SEO SCORE
  4. Watch their views, duration of watch times, description, End screen or Cards info.
  5. If you scroll below you can find Top related keywords of that video
  6. Find trending video also you can check also the highest views, average views, average subscribers, etc.
Boost youtube views

Enable inline keywords

This is also the best feature on YouTube because if you search any video on YouTube and if you enable this option to enable inline keywords then you can get the tag of every Youtube videos, which is on the first, second, third page and even the last page. On the right-hand side, you can check the highest views, average views, average subscribers. I searched a video which SEO Score 58/100, for example, if I search a video on the YouTube how to get more views on YouTube then you can see the first video and I enabled inline keywords, so now you can check the tags of every video and which type of tags did they put in their video to a viral video on the YouTube? This is the best feature on YouTube.

Top 5 Ranking keywords tools

you can take the advantages of using these tools on VIDIQ, which is competitor alert, brand alert, most viewed videos, channel audit, and your achievements.
  1. You can check your competitor’s videos, which type of content they are creating according to your videos how are they going to viral?
  2. Trend alert explains the trend which type of trend is going to viral on YouTube, just create a trend and after that take the topic and shoot the video for that topic it will be viral very soon.
  3. Most viewed videos are the most trending videos on YouTube.
  4. Explain the Key achievements of your YouTube channel that how many subscribers, how many views, what was your target and when it will be achieved by you,
  5. You can also take the screenshot and share it on the YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter anywhere on the social media account.

Now, Try to find the best keywords for your YouTube Views and for your website article. You can track any keyword that is existing and is not existing on YouTube  or google.com. Specify or write your tag regarding your YouTube Views and your website article

you can check the SEO score ranking and find which type of tags are people using? Track everything after that you can apply it on your YouTube video. Your website article will be rank on google or YouTube first page. These are the tools provided by the VIDIQ Google Chrome extension which is really very helpful and essential for you. I hope you should try this because I give you the latest and best trick to activate it free.

I will tell you the full and free activation for your lifetime when I come to know,

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