Top Best Whatsapp Tricks to Schedule Message On Whatsapp


Schedule Message on Whatsapp

Friends, how are you doing? By the grace of your God all will be right, you will be running What Sapp, Top Best Whatsapp Tricks to Schedule Message On Whatsapp. have you ever done that you sleep by keeping the phone next to you and your WhatsApp will automatically go to your friend, your girlfriend to your girlfriend  Message the wife and say it to you on your own, Happy Birthday at 12:00 or whatever you want at any time and any person you want,

but you cannot because you do not have time or  Then you are very tired and you have to sleep, then in this condition, you will find it very good and amazing because here I told you how to do a schedule message on WhatsApp and how to Schedule Message on Whatsapp

Schedule Message

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1. Schedule Message on Whatsapp

A very good and amazing trick is you sleep comfortably and your WhatsApp will automatically message your friend and he will do whatever you want, for this you have to do some setting and we call it WhatsApp schedule message  Do, WhatsApp schedule message means that we make a setting inside our WhatsApp and select a time and date there, which is what happens that our WhatsApp runs automatically and that  Removes the contact from WhatsApp, then writes the message and then sends it, this is the work of WhatsApp robot and we call it WhatsApp schedule message.

Friends, if you want to download the WhatsApp schedule message application, you can download it by clicking on the link given below.

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How to Schedule Message on Whatsapp

You need an application for this, you will find the link under the name of the download button below and you can also from here


Now friends, open this application

Here you select the name of your contact that you want to send a message

If you want, you can also select any WhatsApp group

 Now type your message in the box below

 After typing the message, you can select the time and date below.

 Whichever time you have selected, the message will be sent from your phone at that time and on that date itself.

 If you want to do some advanced setting like this message should go after every 1 hour, every week should go and every 1 month you can select it below.

Schedule WhatsApp messages

Please take care because here I want to give you a warning, if you want to schedule this WhatsApp message, then for this you will have to do exactly three things.

  1. If there is a screen lock inside your phone or a pattern lock, first of all you disable it
  2. Second, if there is an automatic lock inside your phone, then you also disable it.
  3. Third, if you have a battery saver or power saver mode turned on inside your phone, then you have to disable it

After giving these three permits, your phone should keep running, meaning that its light should not be turned off, it should not be locked.

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Then WhatsApp Group Chat Robot will automatically open your WhatsApp and select that contact, then write the message and then send it only at the time at which you have selected it and you have instructed it.

Friends, I have told you about the WhatsApp WhatsApp robot and I have also told you how to schedule the message on WhatsApp, if friends have liked this article then quickly click on this button and like the video  Comment, Share, Subscribe, Subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will find the link below.

2.How to Do Wireless File Transfer 

WIreless transfer is easy in now these days, we don’t need any usb cable for transfer, and i saw some people who are still using gmail,whatsapp or others app to share some files between compute to mobile or vice versa. Be Smart guys, what are you looking for, I think the wireless transfer app.

The Application link is below, Very simple trick i shared on the blog. Just connect both mobile and laptop to same wiif network.

Friends, this is very simple, you just download one application that one is Share me, the link is below, 

  • Wifi should be turned on 
  • You can see the start button and one file transfer IP address is also there 
  • You just type the IP address into your pc 
  • Open My Computer 
  • In the Top Row, Just Type the Same adresss *for example
  • Press enter & all mobile folder will be shown on your computer
  • Now copy or cut you files from computer to mobile or vice versa
  • This app works only on wifi, both mobile and computer should be attached with same wifi network. then you will be able to transfer files from android to pc or vice versa.

i hope this app will help you, downloadable link is below.

Download Now and refer to your friends.

3.Auto Subscribe On YouTube

Increasing the subscriber on YouTube is a lot of work. If you want to be a good YouTube user and want to earn a lot of money, then you can increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube, because within this sheep trick, who will go ahead in life. Will be able to move forward because the more subscribers are on our YouTube channel, the more our views will be shown to our people

We will be able to become a very famous person and at the same time we can earn a lot of money and at the same time, you can also get the silver button Gold Button Diamond Button from YouTube, which is available to you friends. Can’t even guess

Friends, if you too are thinking about making a YouTube channel, then click on this link and watch some videos, which will give you an idea of ​​how much money people make on YouTube and what we have to do.
So friends, if you also want to increase views as well as subscribe and increase your money, for this you can see by clicking this link, you can see how to increase views, you can take this plan for free and also we How to upgrade it for lifetime

What is auto-subscribe?

Auto subscribe does not mean that I am going to tell you right that if you click on that button, you will get a lot of 10 15 20 thousand subscribers, once they are on your YouTube channel, there is nothing like auto subscribe. Youtube has a new feature, which means that if you click on that link, then it will first subscribe to your channel and then watch videos of your channel.

How to create an auto-subscribe?

To create an auto-subscribe, you will have to copy the URL of your YouTube channel and write it behind it. Question marks now confirmation is equal to one
So your URL will look something like this.
For example, as the URL of my YouTube channel is and if I attach it to my channel URL, how do you see the URL of my YouTube profile?

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So, friends, it has become such a link, if you click on it, you will be asked first, do you want to subscribe to Mr. Singh One Thousand YouTube channel or else I tell you that 80 out of 100 There will be people who subscribe to your channel and only watch videos of your channel.

Where to use the auto-subscribe link?

You can get people to subscribe by putting an auto subscriber link inside the YouTube description, or you can use the YouTube Facebook WhatsApp Instagram Twitter social media application or whatever photos you have on your blog or your website.  If you put it, you can put this link on its back end and as soon as someone clicks on that photo, you will first subscribe then after that you will be able to access the link behind that photo.

Loss of auto-subscribe link?

There is no loss of how to subscribe link because it is created by YouTube and it is legal and you can use it anywhere, because of this, you neither have any copyright strike nor community guidelines strike nor you If you do not have to face any trouble in the future, then there are many such videos on YouTube, friends, so many subscribers You can read it, but if you use Potrix, because of that your channel can be closed at any time. You can also read written articles

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