WHMCS WordPress Installation on Reseller Hosting in a Click


WHMCS WordPress Installation

If you want to make a reseller hosting website, WHMCS WordPress Installation, you want to sell domain and hosting, then in this playlist we will teach you all that how you can create your own reseller hosting website, how to sell domain and hosting on it, if you have seen our old video Haven’t seen in which we have told you what is reseller Hosting account, how to buy and what is cpanel WHM, how to setup it?

First of all you watch that video and now inside this video we will install WordPress and WHMCS then my you like this video We will tell you well in this article, if you are new to the channel then definitely subscribe.


Install WordPress on Reseller Hosting

First of all, you have to login to Wrestler Hosting Account, below we have given a link from where you can buy a Wrestler Hosting account, on that we have told step by step complete tutorial, by clicking on which you can easily access your Reseller Hosting website. If you can, let us first install wordpress, for this.

  1. First we have to go to our cpanel, search Softaculuous Apps Installer.
  2.  In this we have to install wordpress, now select the version.
  3. Select the installation url https/www (Remove wp).
  4. What name you want to appear on Google in site settings Enter that name in site name or description.
  5. In admin account username and password When you login to your wordpress, what admin username and password should you have here Put here.
  6. Enter database name in advanced settings and click on install button
  7. Now, WordPress is installed (click second url and use admin user name and password to login on wordpress)

How to Install WHMCS 8.1

Your wordpress will be installed now we do WHMCS PAID VERSION. TO INSTALL which costs 1500 rupees 1 month on official website but I will give you only ₹ 500 which will be with lifetime free activation key. Second, if you want to take its support then from ₹ 100 to ₹ 500 (depending on requirement), we will give you 1 month support, in which if you/your clients face any problem on your website, we will solve it.

That is why we take monthly rent, you will have to purchase the link, you must whatsapp me on my mobile number given +91-7009732517 and we will install it on your website for free.

Create Subdomain & Make Admin Panel

First i create a subdomain if you don’t know how to create subdomain then you must watch this video search subdomain on my channel in subdomain we will create our admin panel that’s why we create a subdomain now we have to..

  • Go to cpanel multi Select Set PHP Manager We have to enter 7.4 and apply it
  • Click on Multi PHP Editor in our cpanel and where after selecting domain and subdomain in Click on Use PHP Selector Click on Confirm.
  • This is our domain and SUBDOMAIN but we have selected PHP now we will go to extension.
  • Select our version here select 7.3 Click on Set As current
  • Click on ion_loader below and now something in our subdomain.
  • We are ready to install WHMCS on it as it will appear in this way

WHMCS Free Install

I have put the WHMCS software in the file manager and if you want, you can message me on the number +91-7009732517 and send me ₹ 500, I will give you this setup, then we will do installation behind the subdomain and install this WHMCS license that I will give you.

Download WHMCS

Create Database for Reseller Hosting

We have to create a database, we will go to our Cpanel, select the database, Enter database name here, click on Next, we will create a database username and copy your database name above and save it, now the database username you want Make sure you save it by copying it as well, whatever password you will keep, copy and paste it and save it, click on Create User below.

User database, select all permissions here, click on make change Now we will copy the username of the database to it and enter the password we had kept inside WHMCS, we will put the name of the database which was entered there we will put the license that I I will give you on whatsapp and click on continue, now we will enter its username and password here, click on installation.

Add Cron Job to WHMCS

let’s create a cronjob copy this command and go to your SUBDOMAIN, Select cronjob at the bottom, select common settings but click on ONCE PER FIVE MINUTE and add cron job. Go to file manager I am deleting the software that I had I selected this and deleted it

Install Admin Panel theme on Reseller Hosting

Now we go to the admin area, it is installed by us, it is absolutely free and can be used for lifetime free, no need to pay much money, you give your information about general, payment, domain, hosting here or below You can close and skip this step. now we will create an admin panel in the sub-domain we have created on our website.

Setup client area panel theme

Our admin panel will be something like this this is a premium version which i can give you for free, when a customer buy something then he comes to this admin panel and makes his payment. We will make this admin panel we will go to WHMCS.

  • Click ADD Click on ON
  • Now click RSS THEME Here.
  • Enter the license that I will give you here and save Click on Activate Theme
  • Select it on whatever file page, layout you like and go to Pages Select LOGO And save it.
  • Just like i did these little settings, Just follow me

Setup Currency (Add or Delete)

In this panel, our currency which is shown in USD Dollar and Indian Rupee, if you want to default it to one, then go to the settings and search the currency, then you will see the currency, then you can choose one of them.

You can delete or add one and make the selected as by default. You can also create your own country’s currency. You can enter three character, for example for indian rupee it is INR & Symbol is , Enter and Save your specific.

Click on Recalculate below and Update It If there is any other currency then you can select it or delete it and our currency is well updated and working well on our admin panel


If you are making a reseller hosting website, then you can earn very well, then I believe that if you want to earn money, then you must open a business of hosting in which you will have to work very little but It life time will give you money, then you must also make a hosting Website.

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