HTML Web development Tags List and tutorial for beginners 2022

HTML Web development

Do you want to learn HTML website development then you should first focus on the basic coding which you can help to make any website development so in this article let’s talk about what is most necessary tag into HTML website. You want to learn HTML website development and you can search Google YouTube mistersingh1000. Into this article we well talk about Paragraph Tag, Heading Tag, Image Tag, Anchor Tag, Absolute and Relative Link Tags.

HTML Tags List


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en”>
<meta charset=”UTF-8″>
<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”>
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>
How to Clone a Website and Edit it in 5 Minute
How to Clone a Website and Edit it in 5 Minute

HTML Heading Tag

To define the heading into HTML website, we use heading tag in HTML website for example if you are using H1 tag and that mean we are giving very high importance to H1 heading.

H1 heading is the biggest heading Google search engine also works with H1 and H2 heading which are more searchable and giving more importance to the website, the lower the heading the lower the importance, the lower the text size. there are only H1 to H6 headings..

Heading Tag HTML

<h1>This is my BlogSpot</h1>
<!– <h2>This is h2 </h2> –>
<!– <h3>This is h3 heading </h3> –>
<!– I am manpreet singh, welcome to mrsingh1000 –>
<p>Blogs to Read</p>
<h2>These are tech blogs</h2>
<h3>These are tech blogs</h3>
<h4>These are tech blogs</h4>
<h5>These are tech blogs</h5>
<h6>These are te2h blogs</h6>
<!– <h7>These are h7 blogs</h7> –>
<a href=””target=”_blank”>Computer Blogs</a>

HTML Paragraph Tag

To write something in a website, we have to use a paragraph, in that way we can give a lot of information about that website, so the paragraph is used in every website and through the paragraph we can talk about our website. We can tell everything that we should tell and what we can tell, the bigger the whole paragraph and well defined, the better our website looks

<p>These are tech blogs</p>

Lorem words can also be used, with lorem, we will write 10, 15, 20, 50 demo words, some words of the sample will come automatically by writing while we using lorem23 and lorem67 you can type any digits after lorem.. If we have to put something in our website and we don’t know what to write in that website then we can use lorem tag to define paragraph demo words.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Totam quo obcaecati quos minima at sapiente, esse ad accusantium dolorum, commodi fuga alias illum numquam? Temporibus architecto labore, rem voluptatem beatae minus amet quibusdam, laudantium assumenda quisquam est recusandae velit rerum.

HTML Anchor Tags

If we are making a website, then some links are attached inside that website, that link links to any category, post or anything inside our website, but there are also some links that are linked to others’ websites, that’s why we Put some links on your website, due to which there is internal linking and external linking of our website, due to which your website visitors increase.

Well we can earn a lot of money, that is why we be used both in loc and global. There are two types of this links can see below which are absolute and relative links.

<a href=””target=_blank>Mobile Blogs</a>Lorem ipsum dolor sit, amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Quo repudiandae obcaecati, vitae mollitia dolor magnam.

Absolute Link HTML

Absolute link for those links when we linking your website internally for example we are hosting our website on local server any file can be linked it is your local link so we can also called as absolute link no one can visit without you because that file is located in to your computer not on internet you can search on Google and come to that link.

<a href=””>mistersingh1000 contact-us</a>

Relative Link HTML

Relative link that link which are used in global for example anybody can search Google Facebook YouTube Instagram and other website also Amazon and Flipkart website these are LED blinks because their files are hosted on a server which anybody can access those files home page posts products categories and these are live so we can also link that website links into our website.

<a href=”contact.html”>My Local Website Contact Us Page</a>

Image Tag HTML

After adding adding and paragraph and also putting the link on our website we have one more requirement that we want to embed the image or we just want to upload image onto the website so that our website look professional and it looks very fantastic.

To upload image on server or on hosting, not possible, possible on localhost and computer, but we can embed the link of image which are available on Google images, so we can easily access that image into our website so to add a image or to embed image let’s use below Tag.

<img src=”” alt=”Happy Diwali 2021″>

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