How to Use Google Translator on Mobile – Mobile keypad Tricks

Mobile keypad Tricks

Mobile keypad Tricks

Yes of course, why not I can talk in all languages even it could be English, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, language and there are so many software and applications are available on Google. You can search it on the Google but you will get the result just to translate or type your language from this to that, so lets talk , How To Chat In English if you don’t know let learn Mobile keypad Tricks.

in this article, I am going to provide you the latest upcoming features and fully loaded keyboard and language translator, this one application is really very awesome and I am still using it from last two years when I bought my mobile so I suggest you to also use this keyboard, use this gboard in your mobile phone.

Top 10 Best Features on your phone

1. Google translate
2. Qwerty keypad
3. GIF format
4. Emojis
5. Clipboard
6. Text editor
7. Themes
8. Floating window
9. Google voice typing
10. Google search

Language Translator

You can use a language translator on your mobile phone, you just have to click this icon and after that, you can get the language translator. On the left-hand side you can select your language that means in which language are you going to type and on the right side can choose that language in which you are going to Target. How to chat in english, still question comes in mind?

For example, I am going to write in in Hindi language and it is on the left side and if  I want the result into the English language then it would be on the right-hand side.
So, I am going to write that mere pass time nahin hai main vyast hun, main tumhare pass kal aata hun main tumhen kal milunga. The above example is in the Hindi language, I wrote some lines in the Hindi language and I want that it translates into the English language so the process is automatically processed you just write in your language and on another side it will be automatically translated.

I don’t have time I’m busy I come to you tomorrow.

Now you can check the above lines that I wrote in Hindi but it automatically translated into the English language and the result is “I don’t have time, I am busy, I come to you tomorrow.”
It is really very awesome feature into gboard keyboard. in India, Some people still asks, How To Chat In English?

You can get multiple numbers of themes it could be in the solid background or it to the gradient color you just click on three dots and after that, you can click on the themes option then you can choose the best theme for your gboard keyboard.


The clipboard is work like a note editor where you can add your note or save any information or any text or message into the clipboard you can save a large or big number or text and save it into the clipboard and emergency you can just open the clipboard and click that message and it will show you text or message box you can use it anytime it is really a good option into gboard keyboard

Floating window

We all are having a qwerty keypad but sometimes if we are on a journey or traveling riding a bike or car then and we have to write on our mobile. it is not the ancient time where we can use our mobile with one hand or it is not a Nokia 3310 phone, but with the floating window you can use your phone with one hand this option compresses the size of the keyboard.

you can use this keyboard with the help of left or you can use a keyboard with the help of right hand,G

Gesture Typing

If you want one crazy and awesome option into your gboard keyboard then you just swipe your finger on the keypad, for example, if you want to write YouTube you just swipe your finger on y and after that take it to the o u t u b e.
You will see the magic that YouTube will be written with the gesture option.

Google voice typing

If you are frustrated to chat with your boyfriend girlfriend or your relatives too,  then you have to write so many words while you are chatting with someone but there is a really very awesome feature is Google voice typing use just click on the mic button and after that whatever you speak in front of your mobile mic, the same words will be written on the text or the message box.

You can choose many languages either you can choose English, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Chinese also. Just Voice over and same text will be typed automatically. You can speak hindi and on the translator you can convert hindi to english.How To Chat In English article told you each and everything. 

Top 10 new gboard features are below

  1. The built-in Google search
  2. Space bar as a trackpad
  3. Select all or select specific words while copy paste and delete all of the words
  4. Delete multiple words
  5. Search for emojis and gifs
  6. Multilingual typing is also there
  7. Glide typing Or gesture typing feature.
  8. You can also add a permanent number Row
  9. The one-hand keyboard is also there
  10. A floating window is really awesome feature you can drag and drop your keyboard from up to downright to left or anywhere.

Privacy –

  • We have designed the gboard to keep your personal information or private information you can add your information into your clipboard.
  • Gboard send your services to the Google web service and after that, it gives us search results
  • Keyboard also send the user statistics to the Google and after that which features are used more often by the user and it helped understand the problem if the app crashes
  • if you use the Google keyboard microphone when the voice input will be sent to the Google service and it is transcribed and gboard does not send to the google
  • Searches and voice inputs do not send anything to Goog’le whether it is a password or if you are chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Whatever you type or if there is writing mistake then spelling for correction is also showing and it stores the information whatever you typing and it kept for the future use but you can delete all of your saved words for dictionary words any time from the gboard
  • If you have turned on the contact search in Google search setting then the contacts can also be passed by the gboard but it does not share or none of these queries will be sent to the Google
  • These ones are major aspects which really keep safe your privacy, while you are typing on the keyboard so you are safe if you are using the gboard keyboard into your Android or iOS

How to switch back to the Gboard

  1. Open your phone settings
  2. Click on the System, Select inputs, and languages
  3. Tap Virtual keyboard – manage keyboards
  4. Then click the keyboard
  5. You can select the gboard
  6. You just give all of the permissions storage and others permissions
  7. Gboard will be automatically saved into your mobile phone as a default keyboard.
  8. To turn off the gboard the same process you can use but you have to deselect the keyboard and select to enable your desirable keyboard.

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