Premium Blogger Templates & Themes Free || Turn Blogger into Website

Premium Blogger Templates & Themes

Premium Blogger Templates

In this video we will convert a blogger into a professional website. We know there are some themes on blogger but they are very useless which we cannot use for our website, so today I brought you some free and premium themes. You can also download it for free and you can convert your website to a professional website on Blogger, so if you are first on our channel, then if you want to learn how to create a WordPress website, blog website for free, then you Subscribe to our channel, like this video and check out our playlist.

Free Premium Blogger Themes

You can also create your own website for free, so inside this video, we talk about how we can download the blogger’s premium theme for free? How can we convert our blog into a professional website by importing it to Blogger? These are all the premium themes you are seeing in this video, we can use it only after purchasing them, but how will we use it for free and will give you below in the links of all of these .. You can download from there.

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Premium Blogger Templates & Themes
Premium Blogger Templates & Themes

Download here

Steps to Convert Blogger Into Website

Open Blogger

First of all we go to and here we have to sign in with our Gmail account, if you do not have Gmail account then you can sign up

Create new blog

On the top left side, you will get the option to create a new blog, you click here, enter the title and the URL address of your blogspot here.

Import Demo data

Create your own blog, after going to settings, we will get the option of import content on the management block, click on it, I have to click on I am not a robot, we will give you the link of a demo data file below, download it and import it here. It will create everything like posts, pages, categories, labels and more on a demo post on your blogger.

Import Premium Blogger Templates

Go to the theme and you will get Down Arrow with customization, above this you have to select and click on Restore, we have to upload the theme that we want to put on our website on Blogger, then I have all the links to download for it. You are given below

Download here

Extract theme

You can check out there and extract the download of all this theme and you can import the theme that you like.

Upload theme

Remember, you only have to import the XML file, then you will know about it in the file type. This is your xml document. I have imported that XML document here and now if I refresh my blogger then here But you can see a premium theme has been launched and installed on my blogger

Use free premium theme

This is a paid theme and if you want to set it up on your blogger then you will find the link below

Download here


I have told you how to convert blogger into a professional website, hope you liked this video and article, then you will like this video quickly, comment, subscribe to our channel, want to create a WordPress website to know such interesting tricks. So we have prepared the entire playlist, check out on our channel, we have also launched videos to make Android application, so you must watch those videos and you can earn a lot of money by making these things.

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