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Generate Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Contact Us 

To make the best of any site, we compose articles on that site, compose the content, at that point bring a great deal of traffic from that point onward, and afterward chip away at it that our name ought to be seen someplace on Google so We had the option to become well known via web-based media and on the web, yet we quit taking a shot at your site when we send our site to interface with an advertisement arrange, however, the site is dismissed, at that point we feel the greatest torment. let’s create Privacy Policy for our website.

The most effective method to rank a site on Google 

So let us realize today that to rank a site on Google and to get traffic on it, we should do it on it so that on the off chance that we ever interface our site with promotion arrange in the coming time What is seen at the time that our site is affirmed by observing * On the off chance that you compose or don’t have a clue how to rank a site on Google, for example, we do some updates on the website as Site Map, Robotics, Google Search Console, SEO, online advancement, title, Description, or meta description, at that point you can tap on my next post can see. 

How to connect website with an ad network

Today we will discuss 4 such web pages which won’t be on your site, at that point, it is conceivable that your site won’t be gotten to through any promotion system, and these pages are significant on your site, it shows that you What do you allow to on your site &  don’t allow to what? Should you be on your site and so forth. What client can do by visiting your site and which information will be with the end goal that you can utilize it for your motivation and is that client safe on your site?

By making this pages, you can be cautious about the arrangement of your site and in the coming time you won’t face any sort of issue, because of this, perused your article cautiously and these site pages in your site Must include:

What is a Privacy Policy

Inside the protection strategy, we make an arrangement for our client guests and clients, inside which we characterize what data we have of our client which we can use for our significance and which data is it’s safe Such as his name, versatile number, email address, his message or his check card, Mastercard, OTP, CVV, such things are secured inside this protection strategy, we need to tell it inside our protection strategy that your All your information is sheltered with us and we won’t abuse it by any means. For any trouble visitors face, they should have the option to contact you, so first, we will create the Contact Us Web page.

Contact us 

To make a contact page, you can make a page inside your site, keep its heading information and security and inside that you can make pages like Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer It is significant for you to associate your site with any advertisement organize and to make endorsements. Inside the contact page, you can make your name, portable number, email id, message and whatever field you need to make, the greatest bit of leeway of this is if a client takes something on your site and faces an issue. Has had the option to get in touch with you, 

Make a Contact Us page with Google Form 

  1. First of all, you open Google Form – Click here  
  2. Here you can add that column according to your kind, whatever kind of information you want from your visitor.
  3. 3 Such As Name, Address, Website, Youtube Channel Url, Message, Its Mobile Number, You Can Ask Such Troubles In That Page
  4. After it is created, you click on send and you copy this embed code and put it on your website or copy its link and add it to your website.
  1. After adding it to your website, you can see such a page on your website and anyone can come here and give information about themselves and they will get the information directly through email.
  2. After creating this page on the website, you copy its URL and put it behind your website as if my website is and if I put /contact or /contact-us behind it then my contact
  1. The URL of that page will look something like this, or
  2. You can make a contact page for your website

The most effective method to make a Privacy Policy 

For this, you need to go over a site and give all the data about yourself and that site will give you a Privacy Policy protection strategy for your site. In which a few inquiries will be posted, as indicated by which question you will reply, as per that question and as per the appropriate response, the security strategy of your site will be made, you need to duplicate that site strategy and put it inside your site. Thusly, you can make a generally excellent and copyrighted free security strategy for your site

Steps to make Privacy Policy

  1. First one of you visit the website (
  2. Now whether you allow your Company Name, Website Name, Website Url, Cookies Or Not, have you added ad network?

  1. After writing all this, make a privacy policy for your website.
  2. Now copy this text and put it on your website
  3. Now you create a new web page of the Privacy Policy on your website and paste that text on your website’s Privacy Policy web page
  4. Now you publish
  5. Now, if you want to check, then you put /Privacy-policy behind the URL of the Privacy Policy of your website.
  6. Now you open and view this web page or the web page of your website, now your website will become a Privacy Policy page.

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Disclaimer & Terms & Conditions

With this method, we can create a web page with Privacy Policy and CONTACT US on our website in which we ensure our user’s security and if they face any problem then they can give us any time for our product for our service. You can contact us anytime and leave your name, mobile number on our website and when we get time, we can direct contact with them, so that we can create a very good relationship with our customer.

For a decent site and to be a decent blogger, you should add both these things to your site and on the off chance that you add on your sites like Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions, at that point any site on your site Chances of getting an endorsement from advertisement arrange are expanded. If you need to make a disclaimer all terms and conditions page, you can watch the video beneath and you can likewise make site pages like terms and conditions and disclaimer for your site and blogger

Expectation all of you have preferred this article where I have advised you to reach and protect the strategy page for your site and I will compose the following article soon in which you will get bit by bit terms and conditions and quick like a disclaimer. I will let you know

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