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wordpress live chat plugin #mistersingh1000

WordPress live chat plugin

People do lot of searches on the Google and YouTube then after that they come to our website so if they once visit our website and they leave our website then what is the benefit of creating our website? so, if you create website on E-Commerce for shopping products for selling any digital downloading products then you should enable live chat option on your eCommerce website or wordpress website, because every customer comes with a lot of queries and problems if we resolve them and give them solutions about their query and required product then they buy the product from our website and we can earn a lot of money.
wordpress live chat plugin #mistersingh1000
wordpress live chat plugin #mistersingh1000

Best free live chat plugin

That is why I have created this website in this video i will make you learn to enable live chat on your eCommerce website it is easy and free you don’t need to spend any money. it is very simple process you just follow these steps to enable live chat on your website Let’s go to the computer screen and make sure if you have not subscribe our YouTube channel then please subscribe and also press the bell icon.

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Steps to Install Wordpress live chat plugin:

  • Let’s open a wordpress dashboard, now first of all I show you my website that is a there is no chat box if I refresh this you can check this chat box is enabled, how to enable this chat box?
  • You just go to tawk too sign up page, search on google, choose first website link, click on create account tawk too.
  • You can registered your account with name, email id and your password. 
  • Sign up for free now, choose your language and enter your site name, your site url address.
In widget, you can enter tawk too, then next click on team members if you want to add any team member then enter their email ID and then click next install widget.  Click on wordpress plugin you can click on download button otherwise you can get the download link is in description and now I have successfully login to tawk too website dashboard. You just have to do one thing, go to your plugins, then click and upload  that file, in which I have given you. You can download from the description. Click on install and now go to the install plugin. Once again you just have to go to the plugins, click on add new plugin and now search tawk too  live chat and now the first one plugin is here you just click on install then click on activate in the dashboard. You have to login with the same email id address if it asks and after that you can see this screen click on property then choose your website, Then visit click on tawk too and use selected widget. Go to the dashboard in the visibility option, just click on first option and no need to do any changes. Just go to website and now just refresh chat option is here. Do you want to change the colour or chat box or do customisation then simply go to the website click on the setting button which is bottom left corner, click on the chat widget and choose any colour. If you want to get the same colour as you are using on your website then right click, click on inspect element and now there are colours shown, choose the colour name, click and copy this colour code and just go to tawk too dashboard and paste here. I have successfully changed the chat box colour from Green to Blue. Go to the refresh my website and now it is if any visitor come to your website, they can chat with you.  To do chatting on website, you must login with tawk too account or download android app link in description, login with email id and chat with visitors. 

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