Website Migration ! Steps to Upload File up to 100TB Free

wordpress migration all in one limit

Website Migration:

In this video we will talk about what is migration? how does it works? what is the benefit of website migration? is there any limit of migration? if yes, then how can we bypass it? so, first of all let’s talk about what is website migration

Check out below Video:

Video Contents:
00:00 – What is a website migration
00:55 – My channel Intro/ Subscribe Us
01:10 – Migration Limit
01:36 Install all in one WP migration 1st Website
02:14 Export Website Backup
03:05 Website Export Successful
03:18 Upload File SIze Plugin Limit
03:37 Migration Price
04:19 Install All in One on 2nd Website
04:36 Upload Plugin/ Link in Description
04:58 Choose Unlimited or Google Drive
05:21 Maximum Upload Size – Unlimited
05:49 Upload Backup from Google Drive
06:20 Upload Backup on Google Drive
06:58 Import Backup File here
08:32 Website Migration Successfully Done

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Website Migration Plan:

When we trying our website backup, when we trying to to get the full website backup and we want to transfer on another domain or another website then it is called website migration

Is there any limit:

There is a limit on free plugin but in this video we will learn how can we remove the limit and upload any file size up to 10TB on wordpress website. This video is called wordpress website migration without any limit. if, you are new to our YouTube channel then make sure you have subscribe our YouTube channel and also press the bell icon to get more updates to make your website on wordpress without coding.

WordPress website migration:

Let’s open the wordpress now I have this website, let us export this website backup so you have to go to plugins and new plugin, now search all in one migration, install it and activate it. You will see the all in one WP migration plugin in left hand side installed now let’s click on export site, click on export to select file or Google Drive option. I just recommend only two options. I am going to use file it means I am taking the website on my local computer hard disk, you can use Google Drive on cloud storage, its ur wish.

Website Backup Restore Pricing:

Pricing of premium plugin now you can check the maximum upload file size is 1GB, but if our website backup is 10 GB then how can we upload it on free? We have to buy it the price on this website is  69 dollar and for Indian currency 5175 rupees. I cannot afford it so I am going to you nulled it so if you need a nulled or cracked plugin then you can check out the link is in the description and download that zip file.

Steps for Website Migration:

  1. Go to your another website like I have
  2. let’s click on plugin, add new plugin, upload plugin then extract that downloaded file here
  3. Click on all in one migration unlimited zip file, if you are trying to import on on local computer, I am going to click on drive extension.
  4. Let’s install it and activated now go to all in one WP migration, click on import you can check the maximum upload file size is unlimited.
  5. Click on import from you can choose on file because we have exported our website as a file, but now in this video I am click on Google Drive ok.
  6. Sign in as a Google Drive user and upload that exported file on Google Drive. You can check out the destination folder.
  7. Click on change then click on open my my backup folder is empty, so, first of all let’s go to the Google Drive, upload that exported file here and move to a new folder like I have created
  8. I have uploaded this file into this folder. Now, just go to the import section.
  9. Click on Google Drive and choose that exported file from your Google drive.
  10. Now click on import section my importing is being done and now I have imported my website successfully.
  11. It’s all has been done.

WordPress Auto logout error:

Entire website is migrated now but if you have automatically sign out from your wordpress website then you have to enter your previous admin username and password on new website. I hope you got it please do not use new website admin and username password on new website. First, use previous website admin username and password here you can also add a new administrator into your WordPress. User section is below the plugin section you can create your new user here.


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