How to connect domain to hosting in one click 2022

How to connect domain to hosting

how to connect domain to hosting

Do you want to start your career and business with domain and hosting, or you want to be a website developer then you just have to Buy a domain and hosting for your new website and you don’t know how to connect domain to hosting on server ! Check these 5 Steps to Do Now…

What is Domain?

Let me clear what is the the domain, is the website name for example and Hosting is the file manager where you can store all of the website files you can edit or delete from them, that is called hosting, For example if I have a saloon and I can search domain name for my business, for example I can order this domain and checkout any hosting plan for example I can host one website in simple plan, 100 website in prime and 100 website in pro plan. 

What is Hosting?

You can check it out any hosting plan and domain from hostinger, a website, the link is in the description. it is very awesome website check out and add to cart this, you can choose or search any domain here, Add to cart the website hosting so after filling all of the information you can buy from this website.

What is Domain Name Server?

Third , We have to setup the domain name server by default it is updated in hostinger panel, but if your domain is on Godaddy, or on other website and you are getting hosting from Hostinger then you can copy the name server of hostinger hosting and paste into your domain where from you bought like godaddy. 

1 Name Server Setup Hostinger

Hostinger Name Server:


Go Daddy Name server:

  • Select the domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Under Additional Settings, select Manage DNS.
  • By Default Name server will be set, You can change and refresh page.
  • Domain name server will be setup.

NameCheap Name Server

Connect Domain to hosting

After Adding the name server the fourth step is to check dns propagation, check the domain name server has been set up or not, so opening website and enter my domain name IP address will be shown let me clear with my hosting account so this is the IP address of my hosting account, so this is match with my DNS propagation, so that mean my domain and hosting are connected successfully.

How to connect domain to hosting
How to connect domain to hosting

What is DNS Propagation?

If I enter another domain into this DNS propagation then it shows me the another IP so that mean it is not connected with my hosting account.

DNS Propagation !!

Domain Verification with TXT Record

Let’s do the domain verification, lets go to the Advanced section, DNS zone editor in the type section just enter TXT  in the domain section, Just enter the domain name, copy that text value and paste it here enter the TTL value should be 14400 click on add record. The domain verification will be done successfully.

Create Account in Hostinger

Let me open my domain name then my account has been created so the same process you can do with your domain name, when your domain connected you can upload your website backup and enjoy your website development. You want to watch how to get backup and restore on hostinger? then must watch my next video.

Account Succesfully Created

How to contact hostinger customer support, if any problem comes,  you can check it out my next hostinger website tutorial playlist video is ready. you can check out the link is in the description.

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