3 Best Ways to Submit Sitemap on Google Search Console

Create And Submit A Sitemap

Ways to Submit Sitemap

Let’s talk about it. First of all, everything is on google, Ways to Submit Sitemap, people search for their problems and queries and after that they get millions and billions number of results and they get solutions to their problems & queries, in this article, we will discuss how to generate sitemap and XML Sitemap Generator will help you to generate sitemap online.

How to post my website article or blog post and how it comes or search on google.com?

Ways to Submit Sitemap

Ways to Submit Sitemap

You need to first establish your website, buy a domain and hosting and build your website with website builder after that we upload our website article or post on Google.com ,Ways to Submit Sitemap

Second, you have to create an Index of your website which is called as sitemap, create, upload it on your website and publish on google search console,

Third, google search console put your website or blog post URL on google.com. lets use XML Sitemap Generator.

What is Sitemap? 

A sitemap is a file that contains all URL’s of our website posts and articles. When we write any type of article on your website all types of information regarding URL and its metadata information & title included in the sitemap and after that, if you want to show your website article on Google then you have to submit your sitemap on Google search console.Ways to Submit Sitemap

The sitemap extension is .xml, you can create it online for your own website if you don’t know about this time I can tell you about this.

 if you Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google your website will be ranking on the top of the google page.

  1. You just check this website XML sitemap generator, Copy and paste your website URL on this website and click start.
  2. Scanning your website and then click view sitemap details

3. Download this site map 

4. Upload it on your website (root folder)

5. Enable the sitemap on your website (automatically or manual)

Let me talk about step by step tutorial how can you submit sitemap how can you create it for your website.After finish your download, now your turn is to Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google, we have created, now lets submit it to the google. XML Sitemap Generator will help you to create sitemap for your website.Ways to Submit Sitemap

Why do you need a site map?

Ways to Submit Sitemap

  1. Create an XML sitemap and also submit on Google pages or Yahoo that all of these servers helps your website to crawl the article from your website and show on the Google, Yahoo, and Bing
    2. In a sitemap, it shows a plain list of all of your pages where all of the website URLs can be indexed or you can see.
    3. Create an HTML sitemap that allows the website visitor to navigate your website pages and articles.
    4. You can get more clicks if you are indexing your website
    5. Even you can monetize it if your website articles are showing on the Google Yahoo and Bing server.

Check out the structures of my sitemap pages, How Sitemap is looking like. Ways to Submit Sitemap

How does Sitemap look Like?

Below is the picture of the website URL, where the URL tree is showing on, your website sitemap will be the same as this. This is the example of Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google, You can also check the sitemap of google. after uploaded the sitemap you can also check your sitemap of your website. XML Sitemap Generator can show you how it looks like?Ways to Submit Sitemap

Different Ways to Create Sitemap

Yoast plugin

Yoast plugin is a WordPress plugin to create a sitemap for your website, you can enable the option to turn off and on by switching toggle, you can find all of the XML sitemaps on your WordPress website if the plugin has been installed then sitemap can be updated automatically on manually the choice is yours. Yoast plugin is helpful for wordpress website to Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google.Yoast Plugin is the type of XML Sitemap Generator 

You can check how many pages URLs are on your website.

Ways to Submit Sitemap

Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is a desktop software where you can get a wide range of the SEO tools and it is really free and we can choose and generate a sitemap but your website should have fewer than 500 pages if you want to upgrade it then you have to get the paid version. It is a very user-friendly website. Just Add the Url and crawl the website & select various types of option, for example, images, frequency, priority, modify dates, include and exclude URL from a website. there are many more features are available. Screaming Frog is the another type of XML Sitemap Generator.


I really like slick plan because it provides a visual sitemap building feature where you can create your sitemap template and we can talk and drop different pages or use template to organize a structure of all of our website pages once you have done then and you can see the visual sitemap and you can export it as XML file it is update software but you can get it for free trial and after that, you can purchase slick plan. it provides before building features, plan navigation, parent pages, explain child pages, test scenarios, include pages, notes, contents. 
It also provides a visual generator. it provides a 30-day free trial, even for payment, no credit requirements for payment.

Best XML Sitemap Generator – Ways to Submit Sitemap

I used the XML sitemap.com and I created the sitemap for my website from this site you just can create your sitemap XML-sitemap.com , I tried this XML Sitemap Generator
Steps to create sitemap on the XML sitemap generator.This website will always help you to get free and to Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google

  1. Please enter your website URL
  2. You just click on the start button
  3. You can see the processing is going on.
  4. When the processing will be done then you can see the URL passed and remaining and how many URLs are in the queue.
  5. Once the scanning will be completed
  6. You can download your XML sitemap.
  7. You have to upload it into the domain root folder of your website
  8. You have to submit the sitemap into your Google search console
  9. you can see the entered sitemap 
  10. when the sitemap will be a success.

Ways to Submit Sitemap – Now you can index your every article of your website and blogpost easily on google.com.

Just Click or check the live URL, when the URL is available to Google and then click indexing,

Hurray after some days, your website post will be shown on google.com


Sitemap generation from this website is easy & really free for the first 500 pages and after that, you can get it up to 1.5 million pages or if you want so many pages then you have to upgrade your sitemap,

then you will be a pro user. The best option is if you download the free sitemap of the first 500 pages and upload on your Google search console then your website ranking in Google. Ways to Submit Sitemap, Your website will not be rank if you don’t do this task. XML Sitemap Generator Use it and generate your sitemap online. Now let’s talk about the Google indexing that how can we post our article on the blog post on Google pages

well, I tried so many times on the Google search console but Google search console is not only one tool where you can post to URL and show on Google.

There are the most popular three ways to submit your URL on Google. How was my article, must contact us – Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google

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