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Unique Article Writing trick

Do you guys, also have a website and have a blogger? You really want to prepare Unique Article, then in this article today we will tell you how you can prepare so many articles for free, and let’s learn the Unique Article Writing trick, for this, you do not have to search for any keywords. 

Don’t search any content nor do you need to write an article, you just have to use the Unique Article Writing trick given below so that you can pick up any article for free and put it on your website, here you can find 20 types of categories you can get 5000 articles per one category, you can get total number 100000 articles.

 What is Unique Article Writing?

 The unique article, which no one has written on Google and we will be the first to write it on that topic or keyword, then the unique article of our website will send on the first page on Google and the first number.  If you want to know, to write an article that you can get by clicking on this post..

How to Write Post on blogger & Word press? 

Expired domains?

Some people used to put articles on their website, but sometimes, they did not renew and removed their website from Google, their articles will also be removed from google but Now, we are going to use these expired domain articles for our own purpose so, We will copy all the articles from these expired domains and after removing the copyrighted content, we will convert it into a unique article and put it on our website.

Get unlimited unique article 100% free & unique

10 steps to make a unique article


First you click on this link to visit https://ezinearticles.com/

you can see expired domains article here

Select any of these categories, then select subcategories then You will find many articles, click on whatever article you like.



You should copy this entire article and leave the link which is in the last below, do not copy it.

We will go to a copyright content checking website, for that you click here to visit https://www.duplichecker.com/



 How to check copyright content

Paste your article here and click check plagiarism., nowhere you will be shown how much percent of your article is copyrighted and how much percentage is unique?



 If you are getting copyrighted content above 10 percent, then select the lines on which you are getting highlighted and You take these lines separately on a notepad and collect these highlighted copyrighted article line.



How to rewrite an article

Go to this website, Paste this copyrighted content, and it will convert copyrighted content to unique content, it is called rewrite article


Once copyright content is removed, our copyrighted content will also become unique.


The content that had already become our unique content, separate it, when we checked the copyrighted content and the content that we have now made unique, merge this both content to make full unique article.



Remember that all of the copyrighted line should be made unique.

Now, our entire article has become unique


If you want, you can check this copyrighted content here and If you still have a copyrighted line, you can remove it via the plagiarism remover so, Let’s we design this entire article, will design its headings, points, paragraph and prepare the entire article.



 How to do article SEO

For Ranking the article on Google, we will check its readability score but If you see ratings and grades at 7 to 8 or above, then this is very good content and you see the bottom right section, it will be written in the red line and yellow line, which means it is difficult & very difficult to read the sentence.

unique article writing


You can edit and delete these lines according to yourself and change it as according to set readability score from 7-8

To increase your readability and your grade should be good or very good.


Now through this trick, we have not one, not two, not 5,10,20,50,100 articles, you can put as many articles as you want on your website, the trick is really amazing, you can copy unlimited articles.  After checking the article content, after removing its copyright, the Readability score has to check it as soon as it is designed, then after that, you can use it on your website and rank it on Google in a good way.

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