How to Change DNS in WHM & Cloudflare very quickly #Mistersingh1000

How-to-Change DNS

How to Change DNS in Cloudflare

Are you really interested to make reseller hosting and domain website, this is the article where i will told you, how to Change DNS in WHM & Cloudflare. If you want to hide your dns nameserver, you don’t want that no one can check your website’s dns, then you can hide your dns through the given method in this article.

Cloud server name setup

Convert your dns it to cloud dns in cloudflare, change your dns nameservers to cloud dns nameservers. None of our customers will be able to find out from our website that we have purchased reseller hosting or we have our own server and will not be able to access the website from which we have bought reseller hosting.

Increase Website Privacy

It also increases the privacy of the website, hi guys, my name is mister singh, welcome to my website In this video lets setup, Change or Hide DNS by Using Cloudflare and also Implicit Explicit DNS #Mistersingh1000

Explicit Name Server in WHM

The name of the website from which we have purchased the reseller hosting will be shown to us in the Implicit nameservers in WHM, for example, we have purchased hosting from the Australia hosting website and we want our customers who come to our website ad buy hosting to enter the nameserver of our website and then their website hosting will goes on, for this we have to remove Australia hosting nameserver

Check someone website dns records online

I show you the domain name server of my website, you go to and enter the name of your domain, then you will be shown the name of that website, from this website you have bought reseller hosting.

How to hide dns records

I will also teach how to hide this, it in this article, we will remove the hosting owner from the internet itself so that our customer can never know whether we have created a reseller account or we have purchased space on the server from someone or we are a company of our own.

Make my own DNS Records

  • To remove nameserver we have to login to WHM and go to Basic Web host manager setup.
  • In Implicit nameserver you check name that website have bought your reseller account from this website now explicit dns.
  • We will create our domain name server in the first line by putting and second line
  • We will save it will run. Our domain name servers have been created.
How-to-Change DNS
How-to-ChangeHow-to-Change DNS DNS

Remove Someone’s DNS


  • Next here we have to call HTTPS to yes and go ahead click on add record 
  • Type Record A : Put ns1 in the first line and also your server number here (
  • To see the server number go to your WHMCS And search the server then where you will get the number below.
  • Your server’s ip address will be found in the primary and secondary nameservers, you copy it and put it here in cloudflare and save it.
  • Like this you have to create another line item and after entering (


  • It save the server’s ip address Now we have to go ahead and save it, you can also do a little setting like this and we have changed our domain name server to cloud nameserver.
  • To check it we will go to there our website I will enter the domain name of my website and I will search and search here the domain name server of my website has been changed from which I had bought reseller hosting and it has been changed to cloud server.
  • Now it has become some place and there is some place left which is will be in a while


Hope i explained to you in this video how we can create our own dns nameserver and remove our owner’s domain name server and make our customer believe that we have not getting account from anyone. This our own company, we have our own server, this makes the customer big believe, I am ready to buy hosting from your website, in this video, hope you have liked the video, please like this video, comment, subscribe, thank you to our channel.

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