Website Migration!! 5 Easy Steps to website migration

website migration #mistersingh1000

Website Migration

Website Migration, Great Topic, do you want to migrate your website on cpanel or hpanel, it is very simple task to restore and backup your website on every panel, even if you have cpanel even if you have h panel, you just use these simple tasks for Website migration. Just Export and import Website backup and My SQL database and after edit WP config File, you can easily done your Website Migration:

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Today in this video I am talking about h panel website migration, but if you want to learn about c panel backup and restore or cpanel website migration, then then you can search on our YouTube channel go to our channel, click on videos, search cpanel backup, you can watch this video for cpanel migration. Before watching this video, watch that video first, link is in description. You can call this video is the second part for website migration

website migration #mistersingh1000
website migration #mistersingh1000

5 Simple Steps for Website migration

Let’s go to the the hostinger website and learn how to to website migrate on hostinger?  

Step #1 – Import Website Backup

  1. Make sure you have signed up on the hostinger and purchased the web hosting and after that you can login into hostinger then go to the search bar click on file manager
  2. Go to the public HTML and upload your website backup here, watch cpanel backup video, link is in the description. Just follow my previous video which I have already told about how to backup and restore or migrate website on C panel then take a backup and upload into your hosting account.
  3. Ater uploading the backup you just extract the backup files and create a new folder and extract all of these items into one folder.

Step#2 – Extract Backup Files

  1. My website backup has been uploaded you can upload into any folder but you have to move all of these website files into public HTML
  2. Let’s go to our database then click on My SQL database, you can create your database here, let me show you my website the web browser, account has been created and default.php item is still there.
website backup extracting
website backup extracting

Step#3 – Create Database

  1. Go to the database file, Create your new database here with your require database name and password here. kindly copy all of these credentials, we require it ahead. I have created the database.
  2. Now you can see I have successfully imported my website backup and my sql database backup her and my database is in the below.
  3. If all the website backup files into your external folder, then click on all of these files and move into the main folder that is a public HTML
  4. Select this and move into public html, Just select the default.php my and delete that and now external folder is also exist, delete now Default.php file. 

Step#4 – Establish a Database Connection

  1. Let’s refresh our website if there is a establishing a database connection so let’s fix this error, first of all you make sure you delete default.Php if it is exist in any folder. 
Error establishing a database connection
Error establishing a database connection

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Step#5 – Edit Wpconfig File.

  1. Go to wpconfig.php file and edit again your database username, DB name  and DB password. Enter your New database credentials, click on save and close.
  2. Let’s refresh this page, Hurray, It is very simple method I have successfully imported my website mean I have successfully done my website migration.


You can also try, it is very simple and easy method to migrate website. Just import, export website backup and my SQL database and after that using the WP config file enter your New database credentials, delete the default PHP file, you can easily do your website migration

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